First Look at Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight, League’s Newest Champion

With the World’s E-sport season coming to a close soon, the League of Legends community is beginning to shift focus to the changes that will come with the next season’s update. Adding one more entry to that list, Riot Games released a minute-long champion teaser for their newest character: Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight.

While specific information regarding Zoe is still being withheld, the trailer does give a valuable insight into her character. On the most basic level, Zoe is a mischievous young wizard, sporting a yo-yo and an attitude. Imagine a mix between Lulu and Jinx, with some teleporting space-powers thrown in for good measure. One of the more animated personalities to join the League in recent memory, her cartoon vibe sets her apart from the more serious tone that several of the past champions have been packaged with (looking at you, Kayn).

From the gameplay clips included within the trailer, Zoe appears to be a burst mage/assassin. Of all the hints we are given, perhaps the most striking part of her kit is her massive mobility: we see her flashing up to three times in a single encounter with Jinx. In addition to a frightening number of flashes, she also appears to possess a long-range stun or snare, which she uses to snag Rammus from across the jungle. Exacts are hard to discern, given such a short teaser, but it seems very possible that Zoe will join the ranks of the mid lane or jungling assassins upon release.

Expect the release of more specific details regarding Zoe in the following days, especially as Worlds draws to a close. Among all the other huge changes that will come along with pre-season, Zoe will no doubt be in good company.

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