MAD WORLD, The Ambitious HTML5-Based MMORPG, Gets Official Trailer

MAD WORLD, an MMORPG that aims to unite all gaming platforms into one experience, received its first trailer Wednesday. Created by developer Jandisoft, MAD WORLD seeks to provide an online multiplayer experience without boundaries, where all players on any platform or device can play alongside one another. It does so by solely running off of HTML5, a system that can run off of essentially any web browser. The new trailer serves as a proof-of-concept for the ambitious project, as it proudly shows off the wide multiplayer functionalities the game has to offer.

In broad terms, the approximately two-minute trailer exhibits a fast-paced combat system with large multiplayer integration. A hand-drawn 2d aesthetic, coupled with a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, make for a surprisingly compelling art direction, given the limited resources the game is working with. Various mechanics of the game, including hectic PVE fights, upgradeable skill trees, and player vs player combat were all featured in the short spotlight.

However, the cross-platform functionality is the crowning jewel of MAD WORLD. Players can expect to access the game from almost any platform, including PC, Mac, Linux, and Andriod. Perhaps most impressively, all of these platforms will play side-by-side, making for a truly “universal” experience. This is all possible thanks to the clever reliance on HTML5, rather than a system that would only be usable on certain platforms.

While the game is still in active development, Jandisoft is already dreaming of expansion to more platforms. In the future, the game could possibly be accessible to any device merely capable of internet connection. However, only time will tell if MAD WORLD can live up to such potential.

The small, Korean-based team expects to launch the game worldwide sometime in 2018. Until then, players can stay up-to-date by checking out the team’s official website, found here.

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