New Horizon Patch Includes New Game Plus, Ultra Hard Mode

Even with their new expansion coming later this year, Guerrilla Games’ recent update for Horizon Zero Dawn is giving players incentive to relive their adventures with Aloy.

With the game’s recent 1.30 patch update, players now have the option to access a New Game Plus mode, allowing them to carry over all character progression and inventory into a brand new playthrough.  While the progression and experience does carry over, it should be noted that the update does not increase the game’s current level cap of 50, though experience is still earned. To activate New Game Plus, players must have an active save file of the game completed in order to start over.

Player’s inventories and progression will carry over to their next playthrough.

New Game Plus mode also adds two more trophies to the game, one for simply completing New Game Plus, and one for beating the game on Ultra Hard difficulty.  These are separate from the original list and not required to obtain the game’s platinum trophy.

Another big feature coming with the new update is Ultra Hard Mode, significantly increasing the difficulty of combat and stealth gameplay.  Players should be warned that unlike a normal playthrough, you CANNOT lower their difficulty settings once you’ve started.  So if you’re going to puff out your chest and take on the worst of the worst, you’re in for the long haul no matter what.

Make sure you’re well prepared to take on Ultra Hard mode.

Other update features include additional modifications for weapons and armor bought in-game.  For anyone giving Ultra Hard mode a shot, you’d better use these to your advantage.

Since releasing at the end of February, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold nearly three and a half million copies as of last month, according to SIEA President and CEO Shawn Layden.  Due to the immediate success, Guerrilla Games is now hard at work created their first story expansion in the Horizon universe, titled “The Frozen Wilds”, set to release later this year.

CJ Schummer

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