Is Telltale’s Batman Making A Return?

The narrative driven adaptation of the Caped Crusader may be making its return soon.

In a posting on New Zealand’s Film & Movie Ratings page, there’s been notice of a new project titled Batman: The Enemy Within – Season Pass. Kent Mudle, the director for episodes one and five of Batman: The Telltale Series, is listed under the same title.

If this is in fact the name of the newest season for Batman, it follows the new naming format Telltale Games is taking with recent projects, such as The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the developer has begun to work on multiple games simultaneously, with the new Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series beginning right as the third season of The Walking Dead was wrapping up.

Season one of Telltale’s Batman was unlike anything from common lore, in favor of a fresh new adventure for Bruce Wayne.

Telltale still has a queue to work with though before they can get to working on Batman.  Minecraft: Story Mode was just announced to be receiving a second season, and you could anticipate the season premiere may arrive sometime around the conclusion of Guardians of the Galaxy’s first season.  If Telltale continues to follow their recent release schedule, the conclusion of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two would be a prime window to release a new season for Batman.

Without going into any spoilers, anyone who played the first season of Telltale Game’s adaptation of Batman shouldn’t be surprised that the company may give a second season the “O.K.”.  There are sure to be just as many twists and turns if the series is to continue, given that the common lore of Batman has been disregarded in favor of a fresh new adventure for Bruce Wayne.

Who else in the Batman universe could appear if a new season is confirmed?

One of the biggest hopes for a new season (and across all of Telltale’s released episodes) is that the technical issues that notoriously littered the final chapter of season one are taken care of.  Telltale’s games are amazing when it comes to their story telling and character development, but reports of frame issues and games crashing have been a constant across all of the company’s projects for years now.

Again, nothing is official yet.  But with four Walking Dead seasons, a second season of Mincraft confirmed, and a confirmed, yet unannounced second season for Game of Thrones, it wouldn’t surprise many if a return to Gotham were to happen sooner rather than later.

So what do you think of another season for the Gotham vigilante?  Who else from the Batman universe do you want to see make an appearance in a possible second season?  What other twists and turns can we expect from the alternate universe of Bruce Wayne?

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