There’s Final Fantasy Wine

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything from Square Enix when it comes to Final Fantasy, a series they regularly do weird shit for, but hey, today they’ve announced a Final Fantasy wine to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

“Ifrit Rouge” and “Shiva Blanc” will be sold exclusively through for $55.00 a bottle.

“Ifrit Rouge” is described as “a 2016 Château des Bois red wine with hints of strawberry and other freshly picked fruits” while “Siva Blanc” is described as “a well-balanced 2015 Château des Bois white wine that pairs favorably with a wide range of cuisines.” I won’t pretend that I know what most of that means, but I’m pretty sure it’ll get you drunk.

Each bottle is sold with a 30th Anniversary label and an admittedly cool box depicting the summon for which the wine is named.

This continues Square Enix’s celebration of 30 years of Final Fantasy, which so far has been celebrated with the release of plushies, t-shirts, canvas bags, and ballpoint pens. There’s no word if this will be the last of the celebration items.

Tyler Nope

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