One Source Living’s Pro Gamer Gaming Desk Review

Brand: One Source Living
Product: Pro Gamer Gaming Desk with Charging Station
Review Copy Provided By: One Source Living

One thing every PC gamer needs is a good desk. It’s usually just a flat surface with some legs, but what if you want more? One Source Living’s Pro Gamer Gaming Desk (PGGD) takes your standard wood and metal desk, and then adds some handy options to make your gaming sessions more accessible.

The desk measures 42″ wide, 22″ deep, and is 30″ tall showcasing a wood veneer surface with durable steel legs. Sounds normal so far, but then add a monitor stand, speaker stands, a controller/multimedia stand, a headset holder, a personal device stand,, built-in cup holders, and a built-in power station with two wall outlets and two USB ports.

Setup was a breeze, just screw the correct pieces into their proper pilot holes and you’ll be done in less than 20 minutes – beer break included. Add-ons are made of steel and have a good weight and feel, I expect them to take plenty of abuse before failing. Some of the add-ons may seem gimmicky, but the nice thing is they’re completely up to the user. Don’t want the speakers holders or headset holder? Don’t put them on. The only add-ons built-in are the cup holders and the power station for outlets and USB.

I tried using the PGGD in a two different scenarios, first using it as the advertised gaming desk with computer, monitor, and all the desk add-ons – and then swapping over to be used with a console and TV. As a gaming desk, the PGGD is fantastic. The add-ons allow you to easily manage your accessories, keeping everything in its own place without having to sacrifice desk space. I was able to clear up cable clutter by using the included power outlets for my monitor and speakers, and cleared up USB ports on my PC by using the desk USB ports for my phone and watch chargers. My headset, controllers, and most-used games took up the remaining storage areas and like that, I had an extra foot of desk space compared to everything being strewn over my old desk of equal size.

As a TV stand, I ended up liking the PGGD even more. I play more games on console than PC, so I scrapped all accessories except for the headset holder and couldn’t be happier. The PGGD holds my 40″ bedroom TV without issue, and when paired with a Mach 2.0 Video Gaming Wheel Stand, also from One Source Living, the Mach 2.0 fits perfectly under the desk. It’s an incredibly immersive setup for Forza 7’s new Driver camera view, making it feel like you’re sitting directly in the seat of the vehicle you’re driving. The setup would have worked the same with my PC setup, but being able to use a large size TV was much more enjoyable.

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One Source Living's Pro Gamer Gaming Desk is a fantastic option if you're looking for a desk with a little extra. It's easy to put together, sturdy, and most importantly it keeps your beer close by when you're gaming. The $179.99 MSRP may seem high for a desk, but when factoring in the included accessories the price is extremely fair.

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