Cloud 9 Acquires R6: Siege Pro-League Team Beastcoastgg

Made official today, wide-ranging eSport Organization Cloud9 (your CS:GO Boston Major Champions – one of the greatest Finals ever played) has acquired first year pro-league team Beastcoastgg on the eve of the latest pro-league season. Allowing them to bypass having to qualify for pro-league via the challenger league promotion/relegation format, Cloud9 will have an immediate presence in Rainbow Six: Siege‘s highest competitive level.

The Cloud9 roster now includes:

Rainbow Six: Siege Pro-League kicks off Wednesday, June 20th at 3pm PST. Cloud9’s first match is on Friday, June 22nd at 8pm PST.

John Ceccarelli

John lives in a small city outside of Portland, OR. He has been chasing achievements and trophies since his early teen years. After working at a small shoe company during the week, he enjoys spending time with his dog and wife, writing code, and crawling through monster-infested dungeons.

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