PUBG Mobile’s First Major Update is Now Live

PUBG Mobile’s update includes Arcade Mode, Training Grounds, combat fine-tuning, vehicle improvements, voice chat and UI optimization as well as new items in the in-game shop.

Arcade Mode is a new 28 player mode that players can queue up for either solo or with friends. Each Arcade match will randomly choose 1 of 6 variations. Each variation brings its own match theme, which either limits the weapons in a match to one type, no weapons at all, or by allowing players access to all weapons and items.

The Training Grounds are available for players to test out all weapons and items. Players can test their aim on any weapon of their choosing or see the effects of any specific item. Training Grounds are only available solo and provide players with a means to hone their Chicken Dinner skills before entering into a match.

In addition to the above-detailed update, after hearing player feedback and in a commitment to provide the best experience for players, Tencent has announced that they will begin banning players found to be cheating effective immediately, to ensure healthy competitive play. Players who are found using software or additional hardware to gain an unfair advantage will be banned with immediate effect.

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