Essential Fortnite Tips and Tricks for New and Advanced Players: Learning to Survive in a Virtual Battleground

If you’ve not heard of Fortnite, you’ve either been living under a rock or you’re so detached from the gaming world that you’re in another orbit. Now played by 78.3 million players every month, the battle-based game is the undeniable hit of 2018 and isn’t going to fade into the night any time soon.

Newbies, intermediates and pros are all vying to become better players and avoid being blown into oblivion. Naturally, becoming a better Fortnite player isn’t easy. As is the case with anything in life, you need to practice. Read our tips and tricks to improve your chances of survival and, in turn, get the jump on your friends the next time you go online.

Start from the Bottom

The most effective way to become a better Fortnite player is to start with the basics. In our beginner’s guide to surviving the Purple Storm, we outlined some of the core concepts you need to grasp as an aspiring Fortniter. The most important skill you need to master is building a base. Although it can be tempting to build an elaborate structure that feels like the army equivalent of a mansion, smaller is often better. Indeed, the more conspicuous your base is, the less chance your enemies have of finding it.

Once you’ve built your own little fortress, securing it is essential. With each new structure you build, it’s important to have the following things in place: weapons and traps. When you’re collecting weapons with the intention of defending your base, choose ones with long-range capabilities. Being able to fend off attacks before the enemy gets too close is a great way to avoid unwanted close-quarter battles. In tandem with using long-range weapons, make sure your building is laced with traps. When you can’t kill enemies from afar, they will form a secondary line of defense.

Follow the Pros

Once you’ve started to get a feel for the basics, the next thing you should do is watch how the pros play. To draw a comparison with another competitive field, namely sports betting, tailing is a great way to learn the ropes. Whenever a novice enters the sports betting arena, the standard advice is to follow a winning bettor. By tailing a respected capper, you’re essentially looking to copy the bets someone makes while you learn more about the industry as a whole. This is very similar to what traders will do when they’re investing in something for the first time, too.

Given the number of Fortnite streamers out there on Twitch and YouTube, finding someone to follow is easy. However, the real skill is in finding the right people to follow. Just because someone has millions of views, it doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about. As a general guide, pay attention to players with long-term winning records rather than clickbaity titles to their videos. Anyone can have success in the short term, but only the best players can win consistently. ForniteTracker.com is a great resource that will show you everything from a player’s kill ratio to the TRN rating.

Don’t Follow the Pros

The final Fortnite tip we’ve got might sound like it goes against what we just told you – but bear with us. In general, you should assimilate as much advice from the pros as you can. However, that doesn’t mean you should always do what they do. For example, a player like Ninja will actively go out and seek confrontations with anyone. Why? Because they’re skilled enough to beat almost anyone out there. If you tried that, you’re probably going to come unstuck fairly quickly. In reality, you need to pick your battles carefully.

Before you engage with an enemy, make sure their number of kills and TRN rating are similar to yours. In situations where a conflict with a better opponent is unavoidable, don’t be afraid to run. The object of the game is to survive. A counter to this would be something like Call of Duty where you’re aiming to kill as many people as possible. Fortnite is different, which means learning to fight another day isn’t a bad thing in this game.

Beyond the Basics

Once you’ve got the basics down, there are still several ways to improve.

Reconfigure Your Keyboard: Speed matters in Fortnite, which means you need to be as efficient as possible when you’re making moves. When it comes to building bases, it’s worth rebinding your keyboard controls. Q will always be set to build normal walls. Therefore, it’s wise to use keys such as W, S, E and A for other moves. By keeping things tightly packed, you can tap away and get your bases built in less time.

Pick up Your Pickaxe: As we’ve said, speed matters. With this in mind, make sure you have your pickaxe in hand when you’re chasing loot boxes. By equipping it ahead of time, you can run over loot boxes and collect them automatically, saving yourself precious times.

Make Counter Plays: This is a slightly more advanced technique but it’s one you can master over time. Put simply, if you can take your opponent’s tactics and use them to your advantage, you can get ahead of the curve. For example, if your opponent uses ramps, build high. In other words, if you can find a counter to every move they make, you’ll always be one step ahead. Of course, this takes a lot of experience and foresight. However, if you play for long enough, counterplay will become second nature.

If you can take on board everything else we’ve discussed, there’s no reason you couldn’t etch your name into Fortnite folklore.

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