E-Win Racing Hero Series Chair Review

Model: Hero Series Chair
Brand: E-Win
Review Model Provided By: E-Win

Initial construction of the Ewinracing Hero Gaming Chair took about a half-hour. While most of it was straight forward and simple, there were a few stages that I would recommend having someone else help with. It is possible to assemble the chair alone but attacking the back to the seat can be a little frustrating. Getting the screws to line up and aligning the back properly is tricky to say the least, and one of the few complaints I have about the chair’s construction. The other is the flimsy plastic covers that go over the mounting points where the chair meets the back (pictured). They don’t feel sturdy and cheapen the aesthetic of what is otherwise a high-quality chair.

My first day sitting in this chair was a wholly uncomfortable experience. The back pillows were incredibly stiff, and it took me a while to find the right adjustment levels for my own comfort. However, after a week, the various pieces of the chair have been broken in, and now feel very natural. While it took some experimentation to get it right, the chair has a few customizable options that really help. Most importantly, if the lumbar support pillows are too much, they can be removed, and the chair is still very comfortable without them. Overall, once the memory foam was broken in, this was one of the more comfortable chairs I have used.

The adjustability of both the seat level, tilt, and arm height is very useful, and more versatile than a traditional office chair. The arms can be lowered so that they are almost at the same level as the seat, making it easy to slide them under a desk if need be. This is very useful when sitting at a desk with a keyboard tray. The chair’s back can also be locked to near flat, giving a wide range of potential sitting positions. In this regard, the Ewin chair beats out the flexibility of a traditional office chair with ease.

My one complaint about the chair is the aesthetics, and much of that is personal preference. The hero chair currently comes in two colors, bright red, or light blue. Both of these colors stand out, and don’t really leave any room for subtlety. Personally, I would have liked to see other less eye-popping colors available, but to each their own. However, if neither of those colors appeal to you, this may not be the right chair, because they feature prominently. The seat of the chair is alternating light blue and white in my case, and the support pillows are the same, albeit with the Ewin logo stamped on them. The chair’s stitching is also the same as the chair’s primary color, once again meaning, that if you’re picking the color, you’re committing to it.

Now, the primary purpose of this chair is to allow for long periods of gaming without back strain or discomfort. In this particular use case, I didn’t notice a difference from a traditional office chair, but I’m also not someone who experiences a lot of back pain while sitting. So, while I didn’t experience any back pain in my longer gaming sessions, it’s unclear whether it was the chair.

Overall, gaming chairs are a long-term investment. The Ewin Hero Series Chair comes in at $359 (15% off with our code “GIZORAMA”), which is pretty pricey. The chair’s construction with a few minor exceptions is very solid, construction is easy, and it’s very customizable. Some may not appreciate the colors it comes in, but for those who do, the chair’s aesthetic is very nice. For those with back pain while gaming, I’d suggest comparing this chair with some of the others before making the full purchase, but for me, it was very comfortable.

This chair passes the Cooper test. Cats will love.

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At $359, the Ewin Hero chair is pricey, but very comfortable. Some aspects of construction are lacking, but overall, the chair feels very well put together.

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