16 Bit-like 2D MMORDG Azusa RP Online Out Now on Steam

Azusa RP Online is a 16 bit-like 2D top-down MMORDG in which you can develop your character as much as you wish and your actions can change everything in the world you live in. Unlock new races, build your playstyle, work in different jobs, train with masters, and interact with other players!

Azusa RP Online was born from a lot of dreams, and mainly the desire to have a roleplaying experience in a universe similar to Saint Seiya”, says Victor Luis Santos, solo developer at Inutaishos. “Azusa’s mechanics to make the roleplaying truly immersive is its strongest point, letting the players have always new and dramatic experiences while being part of the lives of their characters”.

In Azusa RP Online you start your quest as a civilian, a fighter or a master, and you can end as a king or a god. Drive your hero throughout different dungeons and villages that other users created, and progress through time –you can even play as a next generation of your previous character!

Azusa RP Online  is out now on Steam.

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