Freedom Finger coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019

In Freedom Finger players take control of rookie space pilot, Gamma Ray, flying his bad ass, giant, fist-shaped ship and embarking on an intergalactic rescue mission to save lunar scientists who have been taken hostage by terrorists. However, players will soon discover their mission is more sinister than first thought, forcing them to make difficult decisions that determine the fate of the innocent hostages. Players can expect an over the top, satirical, and daring adventure full of laughs and sharp social commentary as the story unfolds over 36 deadly levels of shmup action.

“We’re thrilled to announce that Freedom Finger is coming to consoles, which feels like a natural fit for a wild shmup like this,” said Jim Dirschberger, Founder of Wide Right Interactive. “We’re all big fans of shoot ‘em ups and melee brawlers, so we figured why not combine the two? And then fill it with hilarious characters, an awesome soundtrack, an eye-popping hand-drawn punk aesthetic, and an outlandish satirical story to tie all this madness together. And thus, Freedom Finger was born!”

Every asset in Freedom Finger is hand drawn by LA-based Illustrator and Art Director Travis Millard, who supplies the game with his unique aesthetic. Enemies, bosses, attack patterns, and level events are synced to the music, making for unique rhythm based action! Gamma Ray’s ship can fire bullets while flippin’ the bird at anything stupid enough to get in its way but it’s shaped like a big fist for a reason: to punch, toss, grab, and smash enemies in brutal melee combat. With new power-ups and challenges introduced in every level and a wide selection of difficulties, shmup veterans and newbies alike can jump into the game and give their enemies the big fat finger.

Freedom Finger is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

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