Void Bastard Receives Update to Replace Your Weapons with a Utensil

Blue Manchu and Humble Bundle have released an endgame update for Void Bastards that allows players to play through the entire game with, well, a spoon fork, aka the FOON, after they beat the game normally. This sparkling utensil can backstab enemies with one hit, requiring players to have the utmost patience and a strong wit to succeed. Foon mode allows you to ONLY use the Foon. No other weapons or devices can be used.

Steps to unlock the Foon are below. If players thought Ironman difficulty was tough, wait until they unlock the Foon. Here’s how they do it:

  • Finish Void Bastards on any difficulty to unlock Ironman difficulty
  • Finish Void Bastards on Hard Bastard + Ironman
  • You’ve unlocked the Foon game modifier
  • Start a new game
  • Enjoy your newfound cutlery

Void Bastards is available for $29.99 on PC & Xbox One. It is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

James Parkin

James has been holding a controller for most of his life and loves nothing more than a night of gaming with a nice beer.

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