Developers Announce Second Closed Beta and Exclusive Rewards for Bless Unleashed

Developers Neowiz and Round8 Studio have announced the start of a second closed beta for their upcoming MMORPG , Bless Unleashed. The beta will begin on January 14 and run for four days. Pre-registered participants will receive the “Breaker of Games” title, the Golden Hyaenodon mount, and a care package with 50,000 Star Seeds and 200,000 gold for their troubles.

Signups are currently live and will continue on through January 10th, and players can either download the official launcher or test through Steam. Feedback and updates from the first closed beta and continued development can be found on their Steam page.

Bless Unleashed takes players on a journey through the massive world of Lumios, where they’ll face a slew of fearsome creatures and clear massive dungeons in cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Lend the developers a hand and score some sweet prizes in the process, sign up today!

Johnny Ohm

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