Koch Media Acquires Shadow Warrior Developer Flying Wild Hog

Global mega-producer Koch Media Group has entered into an agreement to obtain the Poland-based independent studio, Flying Wild Hogs, developers of the Shadow Warrior series. This deal includes the acquisition of three studio locations and around 260 Flying Wild Hog employees in addition to four ongoing game projects with other publishers such as Devolver Digital and Focus Home Interactive.

Flying Wild Hogs formed 11 years ago under Michal Szustak, alongside developers from both CD Projekt Red and People Can Fly. Since then, Flying Wild Hogs has expanded and sold over 9.5 million copies of their games. Koch Media has become somewhat of a household name through the use of their publishing unit, Deep Silver, developing games such as Metro ExodusKingdom Come: Deliverance, Saints Row IV, and Maneater. Both gaming giants look forward to sharing their resources to pursue ongoing and future projects.

In the meantime, check out the Shadow Warriors 3 trailer!

Johnny Ohm

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