New HITMAN 3 Trailer Highlights Gameplay, Features, Feather Dusters

Polish your .50 cal., pack your garrote, and check out IO Interactive’s new HITMAN 3 trailer, featuring 4k gameplay, stunning maps, and a surprisingly effective murder by feather duster. Set to launch January 20, 2021, HITMAN 3 once again puts players in the shoes of Agent 47 as he stalks his prey through a myriad selection of exotic locations.

Next-gen console players will be able to enjoy 4k visuals at 60 fps on IO Interactive’s own Glacier engine (which can generate up to 300 NPC’s in a crowd at once), and everyone will have the chance to import maps and locations from previous games in the trilogy.

HITMAN 3 is scheduled to launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC, and will eventually make its way to Nintendo Switch.

Johnny Ohm

Johnny's first love was writing, his second was beer, and his third was The Elder Scrolls. He is resigned to his fate as a bitter critic who uses the crisping drawer to keep his lagers cold. You can contact Johnny via Twitter or ouija board.

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