Rogue Company to Launch on Xbox Series X/S, New Rogue Drops Today

Fans of HiRez Studio’s third-person shooter Rogue Company can take their tactical havoc to the next generation when it releases as a launch title for Xbox Series X and S on November 10. Not only will it run at native 4k at 120 fps on the Series X (and 1440 at 120 fps on the Series S), but Rogue Company will also sport cross-play compatibility with the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

In addition to being christened a launch title for the next gen, Rogue Company’s newest rogue operative ‘Fixer’ is available to play today. This American hitman sports the bolt-action .50 cal Tyr, the lightweight semi-auto Warrant, Cluster Smoke, and C-4, making him a deadly asset for across-the-map sniping.

Hi-Rez also announced the launch of Ranked Beta, a new game mode that beefs up the casual matches found in the default queues. Players must reach level 30 before they can participate, but the promise of 100% more Mastery experience is an enticing carrot.

Johnny Ohm

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