Xbox Series X – Where There’s Smoke, There’s Probably No Fire

Less than a day has passed and certain corners of Twitter are already aflame with reports and videos showcasing the new Xbox Series X and its affinity for vaping.

As shown above, the first video was posted by user @Arek_Adamowicz and shows the Series X billowing thick smoke or vapor. Many users were quick to point out that there shouldn’t be enough substantial combustible matter in the console to produce so much smoke, and many others pointed out that it appears to dissipate too quickly, alleging that it may be vapor from a vaping pen or other similar device. It should also be noted that the video is suspiciously short and shows the Xbox Series X on a slated stand, adding fuel to the “this is totally not real, stop posting for attention” fire. Based on the scant evidence available, you probably don’t need to call the local fire department just yet.

Other reports, however, appear a bit more credible. Several users have posted videos demonstrating the overly aggressive jet engine sounds emitting from the disc drive.

While others have reported that the console won’t even accept the disc.

Console launches are rarely a smooth affair, and with estimated sales of 13.5 million units by 2021, there are bound to be some duds with the new Xbox Series X and S.

Experience any hardware hardships with your new toys? Let us know!

Johnny Ohm

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