Minecraft Spooky Season is Here!

Halloween is a great excuse to eat a ton of candy, wear a costume, and decorate your home with creepy decorations! Three hundred sixty-four days of the year, my co-workers look at me strangely for wearing a Creeper costume with pockets full of candy corn, but look at me now! And as the resident lover of all things Halloween and spooktacular, I’m here to share the season’s spookiest news from Mojang Studios.


As we’re all doing our best to stay at home and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’re offering free downloadable DIY masks and stencils as part of our fun at home Minecraft Halloween kit! All you need to do is download them, print them out, then make them your own with whatever tools you have at home! Hop on a video call and scare your grandma or wear the mask while you eat a whole bag of fun-size candy; the Minecraft Halloween kit has you covered for any plans.

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