Mistress of Blade Coming to Black Desert on Xbox One

A small and hidden village of the Oeki Clan that resides alongside the banks of the Turina river gives birth to the newest class in Black Desert, Kunoichi. Trained at a very young age to master the use of a shortsword, kunais, and the hidden arts of Ninjutsu, Kunoichi has the ability to swiftly and silently dispose of her enemies.

Kunoichi’s skill set includes: Flash Slash (vanishes and reappears to inflict multiple hits on target); Kuno Stab (deadly stabs using her Kunai); Ninjutsu: Shadow Explosion (explosive frontal damage knocking back targets); Tragic Blade (counterattack).

Our veteran adventurers can now also utilize the scarecrow training dummy. This new feature allows for adventurers to train their classes through the use of training dummies within major towns to grow stronger within the world of Black Desert.

With new content available for both beginner and veteran adventurers, start your next Black Desert journey with the Mistress of Blades, Kunoichi, now available on Xbox One.

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