Sea of Thieves Free April Update Ships of Fortune Available Now

Construction at The Reaper’s Hideout is finally complete and with it comes The Reaper’s Bones, a new Trading Company with a mysterious mandate. These masked individuals, passionate and yet strangely ceremonious, believe in ‘true piracy’ – the freedom to plunder and pillage without limits or shame! To Reapers, being a pirate is about living by your own rules, being true to yourself and embracing the freedom that the sea provides. Basically, less about digging up the treasure themselves and more about taking it from others.

The Reapers’ spokesperson believes that those with the willpower to take what they want will always burn brightest. To that end, The Reaper’s Bones actually offer better rewards for loot plundered from other pirates! The prizes they admire most, however, are Emissary Flags taken as trophies from sunken rivals. Bringing the other Companies down a peg or two will earn you new, darkly noble Reaper’s Bones cosmetics and titles. Will you be among the pirates who flock to their callous cause, or those who rally against them?

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