What’s the Most Memorable Shadow of the Colossus Encounter?

Praised across three generations of PlayStation hardware, Shadow of the Colossus has carved a special place in all our hearts. From the moment you topple your first giant, you know something’s amiss… that maybe you shouldn’t be slaying these majestic creatures. But that is your mission, and a life hangs in the balance.

Each Colossi is special, with a unique appearance, behavior pattern, and occasionally its own sweeping orchestral score. It’s hard to walk away from these battles and not be moved by the gut-wrenching drama unfolding in each scene. Those of us at PS Blog certainly feel that way, and have shared our most memorable encounters below. Let us know which Colossus is your favorite as well!

For those who haven’t played yet, hey, it’s . Perfect time to and see what you’ve been missing.

Vote in our poll and share your stories below — we’d love to hear how Shadow of the Colossus affected players around the world.

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