Why Relaxing In Garden Mode Became Mutazione’s First Content Update, Out Today

I’m Buddy Sola, Community Manager at Akupara Games. Last year, Akupara published Die Gute Fabrik’s Mutazione — a mutant soap opera where the mundane meets the supernatural — to rave reviews both from fans as well as critics. We’re now delighted to release our first big content update: Garden Mode, which is available to play today.

Mutazione has always been a very story-driven game, but interwoven with the story is the magical musical gardening mechanic. You explore the island to gather seeds to plant in gardens to help heal the community around you. Each plant carries the song of a specific instrument; those instruments are bound together into moods. Planting gardens that align with those moods will help you accomplish your narrative goal, as you build beautiful procedural ambient compositions.

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