Affordable Clarity – Tonor TC-777 Microphone Review

Brand: Tonor
Model: TC-777
Review Unit Provided By: Tonor
Platform Reviewed On: PC

Whether you’re an up-and-coming streamer or the unwilling captive of a never-ending Zoom meeting, the need for a solid microphone is paramount in today’s quarantine lifestyle. We took a look at Tonor’s TC-777 and found ourselves pleasantly surprised not only by its affordability, but also its simple setup and rich clarity. While it lacks any onboard controls or options to customize and is currently not compatible with Xbox consoles, the TC-777 is a great choice for gamers on a budget or at-home workers looking for audio comparable to more expensive competitors.

The TC-777 comes with the microphone, foam cover, a screw-on pop filter with an adjustable arm, a mini shock mount, and a rubber-tipped tripod. The USB cable measures just under five feet and the microphone itself is supported by a series of four rubber bands crisscrossing the top and button of the mount. The tripod mount raises the microphone around 4.5″ from the table and rubber tips ensure sturdy footing. The microphone itself weighs in at just over 4.6 ounces (12.2 ounces for the entire setup) and is encased in a brushed blue-steel plastic case with minimalist lines tapering towards the USB cable. The shock mount allows for compatibility with Tonor’s line of mic arm stands, and the tripod’s adjustable angling provides plenty of options for your specific setup.

The TC-777 boasts a frequency response of 100Hz-16KHz with a sampling rate of 44.1KHz/16Bit, utilizing a cardoid polar pattern. Along with a -38dB (±3dB) sensitivity, it’s max SPL measures over 110dB. The best quality recording I personally obtained had the mic positioned at around 4 inches from my face at a 60° angle.

The true draw in all of this was the seamless installation. From unboxing to testing, setup took less than two minutes and posed absolutely no technical hardships. Being driverless and completely devoid of any third-party GUI, the TC-777 is quite literally plug and play. Any adjustments to the volume are made directly through your Windows settings (testing here was strictly relegated to the PC), and there are no customizable settings that require a Masters in audiology to understand and adjust properly. This also means, however, that there is a distinct lack of pre-set profiles for various setups.

With regards to quality and the elimination of white noise and buzzing, the rubber feet on the stand, in conjunction with the pop filter and shock mount, really do a decent job of picking up only what you want to hear. As mentioned above, there is no Tonor-based software to account for white noise filtering post-capture, so it’s impressive to note that the microphone’s design carries all of the weight and provides such a clean recording.

I spent a great deal of time on Zoom, Skype, and Discord yelling into the abyss with this model, be it during a financial meeting or a playthrough, and not once did I ever run into any issues with my feed cutting in our out. Again, I credit this to the design of the mic and the driverless, no-frills installation. I have spent my fair share of hours troubleshooting audio, not only for myself but for other people during work hours, and I guarantee I would save myself a lot of headaches and virtual IT grunt work if I just outfitted my whole team with the TC-777.

While the design is sturdy, the setup is easy, and the audio is of fairly high quality, I do wish there were a few onboard options like a mute button and volume slider. As someone who is prone to cursing during meetings, I rely on quick kill switches to cut my audio. Here, I’d be forced to unplug from my tower before I let the expletives fly. In addition, and as silly as it sounds, an indicator light on the mic itself to remind me that it’s powered would have been a nice and simple touch from the get-go.

Those being my only gripes, it’s easy to recommend this microphone to all kinds of users. With a price point of $39.99, the TC-777 is an incredible starter piece of sturdy equipment that alleviates the headache of troubleshooting. You can check it out for yourself on Tonor’s webstore and Amazon.




The TC-777 is the affordable, no-nonsense solution for streamers on a budget. What it lacks in precise controls and customizable settings it more than makes up for with its robust design and crisp recording. Tonor's latest edition to their line of microphones reminds us what plug-and-play really means, and it's sleek design makes it easy on the eyes.

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