Get to Know the Sprawling World of Cloudpunk, Coming to PS4

I’m Thomas Welsh, lead writer and narrative designer on Cloudpunk, and I’m part of a small team that’s creating the most vibrant, weirdest cyberpunk city ever seen in a game. That city is called Nivalis, and in Cloudpunk, you get to spend one crazy night living and working there. You’ll make friends and enemies, visit underground nightclubs and gardens in the sky, meet the richest and poorest in society, and interact with humans, androids, cyborgs, and people that blur the boundaries between all three.

When I came onboard to help Marko (our project lead) create Cloudpunk’s story, I had the greatest opportunity any writer can be offered! I was presented with a beautiful voxel world that the player could fly around or explore on foot, and Marko had just one job for me.

“Fill this world with stories large and small – drama, tragedy, action, and comedy, and a cast of characters as weird and wonderful as you can imagine.”

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