Age of Rust Launching in March with Nearly $1M in Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

SpacePirate Games, LLC announced that the March 19Season 1 release of their single-player RPG, Age of Rust, will be celebrated with a game-wide treasure hunt with a prize pool nearing $1 million in Bitcoin and NFTs. Players interested in joining the action are urged to Wishlist the game on Steam to get a leg up on competition.

Set in the year 4424, players awake as the 22nd century’s most prolific hacker and must explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of danger and puzzles. Emphasizing the “cryptocurrency-enriched experience with an innovative new class of weapons and items with real-world value and blockchain-verified ownership,” Age of Rust’s Season 1 contains nearly 40 hours of gameplay (with two more seasons on the way) and promotes exploration across the game’s 250,000km2 of harsh landscape.


The Bitcoin bounties themselves could take years to locate. The first prize player will receive 20 BTC, while the second place winner can cash in 4 BTC. With 35,000 smaller bounties up for grabs, there are plenty of opportunities for players to strike virtual gold in the apocalypse.

Age of Rust is only available for PC through Steam, and is set to retail for $14.99 starting March 19.

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