Hardcore Pigeon Simulator Re-Announced with New Trailer

Publisher Tinybuild have descended from the clouds to re-announce their upcoming avian adventure, Pigeon Simulator, with a brand new trailer and a couple helpful inforgraphs.

Pigeon Simulator explores the inevitable course life on planet Earth will take once the one true pigeon is born. Cruising the skies as the Chosen One, players must use humankind’s contraptions against them to once more return the land to Mother Nature. Steal bagels, defecate on the unknowing, and toss lit gas cans at passersby to assert dominance as you climb the ranks to ignite the pigeon rebellion in this physics sandbox roguelite. But first and foremost, never, ever forget the following safety tips:

While an official date has not been announced, Pigeon Simulator will be starting its journey in Early Access on Steam, where it plans to stay for up to 12 months. Wishlist it here and avoid all bird-related eye contact for the rest of the day!

Johnny Ohm

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