Hellpoint Coming to Nintendo Switch

Publisher tinyBuild and Merge Games confirmed that developer Cradle Games’ sci-fi RPG Hellpoint will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on February 25, 2021, with a physical release to follow on February 26th.

Featuring dynamic Souls-like gameplay, Hellpoint combines bizarre enemies with a complex and unforgiving combat system to deliver a challenging experience for even the most experienced player. Each player’s death transforms Hellpoint’s environment and triggers in-game events to increase the challenge based on the space station’s proximity to the local black hole, and players can choose to either go it alone or bring a friend in the co-op story campaign.

The physical collector’s edition for Nintendo Switch features the complete game, two enamel pins, a certificate of authenticity, an art book, and the full soundtrack. Both the digital and physical copies of the game will retail for $34.99 and include all post-release features and improvements since the original launch back in July 2020.

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