Monster Hunter Rise Trailer Debuts New Beasts, Rampage Gameplay

Capcom burst onstage at Nintendo Direct yesterday with a brand new trailer showcasing some of the deadly wildlife inhabiting their upcoming addition to the series, Monster Hunter Rise.

In addition to five monsters returning from the franchise, the new trailer also showcases Rakna-Kadaki and Almudron, two brand-new beasts with a penchant for destruction, and several new biomes to hunt through, including lava caves and desert plains. True to the series, Rise allows players to craft unique armor and weapons from the bodies of slain monsters, and the new Wirebug mechanic and Palamute companion add an extra layer of strategy to the onslaught. Monster Hunters can take on their massive foes in solo play or join a group of three in cooperative online play.

Monster Hunter Rise will be available for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021 and retails for $59.99 on the Nintendo eShop.


Johnny Ohm

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