New PlayStation Games You Might Have Missed

Even though avid video gamers try to keep their fingers on the pulse of all the latest novelties, sometimes they still miss a few great PlayStation games.

People can be roughly divided into several categories where one cannot imagine their life without video games, and another cannot get their essence. The funny thing is that the latter has never tried their hand at playing decent games, so it is not surprising they are against such a pastime. One way or another, but if you cannot imagine your day off without PS games, it will not be superfluous to examine the list of useful apps for student that can simplify your life in many ways and make more room for playing. A tight college schedule will hardly allow you to enjoy all the latest PlayStation games that appeared this year. The chances are high that you could miss some novelties, so we’ve decided to fix it.

Terminator: Resistance — Enhanced

Back in the day, Terminator became a kind of breakthrough in cinematography and obtained tremendous popularity worldwide. Even though the very movie doesn’t seem that cool anymore, it has got its continuation in the form of a video game. Nowadays, if you are a lucky owner of PS5, you can try your hand at playing the updated and enhanced version of the first-person shooter released two years ago. Even though the game cannot boast of an impressive budget, it is quite well-crafted. This fact is confirmed by the average rating of 93% on Steam. Some players claimed that the game turned out to be much better than all the films within the franchise created after the authentic duology. The PS5 version provides 4K resolution, stable 60 fps, improved lighting, more detailed textures, and models.


If you try to get a thrill at the slightest opportunity, you shouldn’t miss a chance to play this third-person shooter-horror game with roguelike gameplay elements. The latter moves the gaming experience to a completely different level, so if you have a few free hours, allocate them to immerse yourself in it. Well, if you didn’t watch the latest State of Play, you might not be familiar with the modernized game mechanics. You will face fast and bright boss battles and regular death/ regeneration cycles, after which the world will dramatically change, so you will hardly remember the monsters’ locations.

Resident Evil Village

If you are an avid gamer, the chances are small that you have missed the release of this iconic game, but everything may happen this year. The newest part of the legendary horror has been released on all key PS platforms. It represents the tenth game in the series if you include parts without numbers and the storyline sequel to the 7th game. By the way, the latter has many things in common with the current version. For example, you will face the same first-person view and play again for Ethan Winters. According to the storyline, the events occur a few years later when the hero finds himself in a mysterious snow-covered village in Transylvania.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Many gamers have been waiting for its release since the State of Play that took place in February. It represents a remaster of the remake of the iconic jRPG, and only owners of PS5 have got a chance to try their hand at playing it. The game can boast of improved graphics, including better lighting, higher-resolution textures, more detailed spots. Moreover, you can choose between the two traditional PS5 games modes: ‘Performance’ (stable 60 fps) and ‘Quality’ (4K- resolution and maximum graphic settings).

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

It is a new part in the Ratchet & Clank classic platformer series, representing a sequel to Into the Nexus, released in 2013 on the PS3. Its gameplay will be very similar to the previous parts. Still, you will get a new unique opportunity to move through the “holes” between worlds as well as an additional playable character. You can also enjoy ray tracing and stable 60 fps, so it can become a perfect option if you don’t have any plans for the upcoming evening.

Little Devil Inside

If you have been looking for something nonstandard, this appealing action/adventure video game designed by Neostream Interactive is worth trying. You will face an open world created in the style of the Victorian era of the XIX century. The game involves elements of survival and offers both single and multiplayer modes. It is available on the most popular PS platforms and even PC.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

The game was announced at the launch of the PlayStation 5 years ago, so many players have been waiting for it since that moment. It represents an action/ adventure video game available on PS4, PS5, and PC. You will face a female character and modern graphics that have many elements in common with The Legend of Zelda. They say that the latter has become an inspiration for the game.

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