Rogue Company Introduces the New Rogue Seeker and a New Map in Latest Season One Update

Earlier this year, the team at First Watch Games launched Season One of Rogue Company, which introduced our first Battle Pass and a new Rogue, Kestrel. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest update for Season One – available now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One! Complete with our newest playable Rogue, Seeker, and one of our most ambitious maps to date. Let’s break down everything this update has in store for players!

First, let’s take a look at the new Rogue who will be joining the roster of Rogue Company in this update. Seeker, a former gold medalist Olympian, joins the team as one of their youngest recruits ever – but don’t mistake his age for inexperience! Recruited by Kestrel as an official member of Rogue Company in order to embark on a deadly mission, Seeker must now prove his mettle on the battlefield which a lifetime of training and competition has prepared him for! In-game, Seeker’s bow isn’t just deadly – dealing additional damage when you land a ricocheted shot on an enemy – it’s also crucial to your team’s tactics. With his Arrow Scanner ability, Seeker fires an arrow which reveals enemies along its flight path – giving your team an undeniable advantage on the battlefield!

Rogue Company - Seeker

This update also introduces our newest map, Hollows, to the world of Rogue Company. Built on a remote island, Hollows is a secret base of the mysterious vigilante organization, Jackal. Constructed in order to launch a stealth weapons platform into space via rocket, the Hollows will ultimately become a deadly battlefield in the fight for logistical superiority between Jackal and Rogue Company. Consisting of a large underground cavern, Hollows is a scenic location which belies its deadly intent – a fact not lost on Rogue Company, who have dispatched a team to sabotage the missile launch and save the day! Seeker’s big moment will arrive when he has to make an impossible shot to disable the rocket, preventing it from launching – can he make the shot that he’s spent practically his whole life training for? The release of Hollows will also include the introduction of the new limited-time mode called Assault, a 4v4 game mode where the attacking team must plant and detonate a bomb against the defending team. Fast-paced strategic gameplay makes Assault a game mode you won’t want to miss!

Rogue Company - Hollows

We here at First Watch Games hope you enjoy the continuation of Rogue Company Season One with the release of Seeker, Hollows, and our limited-time Assault game mode on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Download and play the newest update of Season One of Rogue Company for free today!

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