Sports Games Series That Need To Make a Comeback

Many sports franchises have become extinct. However, fans demand that some of the arcade-style fun to realistic simulations make a comeback. The sports video game market is still famous, especially for major sports. In this regard, top online bookmakers like Happy Luke also get a significant number of users playing sports video games. Experts believe that people love sports games because they are familiar with the sports in the video games. But, it has become apparent that there is a dip in quality in today’s sports series. This dip in quality has frustrated video game fans because it seems the developers are trying too hard due to lack of competition.

At this point, gamers start to think back to classic video game series that are no longer being produced. Here are some major sports games series that should make a comeback:

NBA Street

NBA is an exciting series that offers gamers some of the most classic sports games of all time. However, the game has not been active for some time now, and that does not mean that gamers are not yearning for its return.

The game was popular because of its arcade style and its overall vibe. Suppose it makes a return, it would cause a storm in the gaming sector.


It is evident that gamers are no longer interested in Madden NFL. This is because 2021’s release was heavily criticized by its fans. As a result, many of these gamers would love to see NFL 2K make its come back into the gaming industry.

Additionally, gamers would love to see NFL 2K make its comeback. Therefore, this is the right time for the game to return to the industry since interest is still high. The ball is in their court to do so as this is the people’s wish.

MLB Slugfest

MLB Slugfest has taken baseball video games to an extraordinary level because it is full of violence. This is what made the game outstanding. Moreover, it also helps that its baseball elements are also entertaining.

It is another exciting, fun arcade that deserves to return to the modern gaming scene. MLB The Show has been giving its fans the same product every year, and reintroducing MLB Slugfest would help spice things up.

NHL Hitz

NHL Hitz is another more aggressive and crazy video game than other modern NHL games. This game is a series that people would love to play because of its timeless and entertaining nature. The game’s final edition came in 2003, meaning a return is unlikely. Nevertheless, it would be great to see the game make a comeback.

Mario Strikers

Mario sports games are coming back. Therefore, a new installment from the Mario Strikers series must be released. This series is arguably the most popular sports game ever released by the Mario franchise, and deservedly so.

The series offers a new twist to the sport, and it also lets gamers control numerous popular characters from the series. Therefore, Nintendo Switch should consider releasing a new game in this series.

Backyard Baseball

By the way, suppose Backyard Baseball returns it has to go back to its initial graphics model and players. However, it will need some polishing up. The game’s first few installments were magical, and fans still yearn for the game to return to that form.


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