Demeo reinvents game night on PlayStation in 2023

Remember the nostalgic feel of game night? It’s a Friday evening. You’ve just opened a bag of chips. Your friend across the table watches and waits impatiently as your other two pals – who showed up late – pull their character sheets out of their bags and try to find their dice. The anticipation builds. The board is ready. You’re about to go on the greatest adventure the world has ever known.

There’s something very special about getting around the table to role-play with friends, and as a VR studio filled with gamers who’ve been around the block a few times – including some of the most significant creators in multiplayer games like Mike Booth (Left 4 Dead) and Tom Hall (Doom) – we asked ourselves one question: how could we recreate that magic in an immersive experience that captures not just the gameplay, but also the feeling of getting around a table with friends to cast spells and slay monsters?