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The New Grounded Make It and Break It Update Lets You Build a Whole New Game Yourself

By now, we’ve all exterminated our fair share of creepy crawlies in Grounded, from hordes of aggravated soldier ants to the horrendous wolf spider, which no one truly wants to face more than once. We’re well-versed in these critters and the landscapes they inhabit, which begs the question – what if we could design and build our own critter habitat, create new ways to fight them off, or even build new game experiences entirely?  

This is precisely what the Grounded Make It And Break It Update allows you to do. With the brand-new Playgrounds mode, you can craft your own levels from the ground up, with a suite of design tools at your disposal. Using either the pre-existing backyard or an empty sandbox as a starting point, you can craft buildings, place obstacles, furniture, and even creature spawners that’ll drop enemies whenever you’d like them to be.  

Ground Playgrounds Screenshot

Create puzzles, mini-games, battle arenas – whatever you can dream up. It’s a brilliant new addition that will revitalize the backyard, and we were fortunate enough to get a sneak peek of the tools and chat with the Grounded team about how this lovely creative suite came to be.  

Grounded Game Director Adam Brennecke tells me that adding Playgrounds was a long time coming. Inspired by the modding community, the team wanted to give players the tools to craft their own unique Grounded experience, and the ability to share and try out others’ creations as well.  

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