13 unmissable games launching in the second half of 2023

Can you believe half of 2023 is over already? Time flies when you’re having this much fun gaming. While 2023 has already been one wild year for PlayStation gamers, the killer lineup for the rest of 2023 is every bit as exciting.

In the words of the wise Samuel Drake: “I always felt that we were destined for something great.” So without further ado, let’s look at some of the most anticipated releases hitting PlayStation in 2023.

Immortals of Aveum

Don’t be a spongy back-row spell-slinger–it’s time to become a frontline battlemage and kick some serious butt in this dynamic fantasy-themed first-person shooter by new developer Ascendant Studios. Take control of Jak, a gifted youth lifted out of the slums to become a Magnus Battlemage warring against the overwhelming armies of the tyrannical Rasharn. Skillfully utilize an arsenal of stunning magic spells–both offensive and utilitarian–to battle foes and explore the various levels. Equipping Magic Rings, Sigils, Totems, and Bracers to augment and transform Jak’s skills to build him into your ideal magical mercenary. Fantastical worldbuilding, dazzling visuals, and loads of secrets to uncover make for a refreshing take on the FPS genre.

Release Date: August 22 | Publisher: Electronic Arts | PS5

The Crew Motorfest

Who among us does not like to make vehicles go vroom? And what could possibly be better than lots of shiny, speedy cars wheeling freely through the breathtaking tropical vistas of Hawaii? The Crew Motorfest takes players to the sun-kissed island of O’ahu in a freeform open-world driving experience unlike anything else. The new Playlists feature presents you with carefully crafted sets of missions to immerse you in specialized facets of car culture. Cruise the island solo, or cooperate to compete in challenges with other players online in ongoing live events. Collect a mega-garage of old and new cars to ogle and drive as you please. In this paradise, the car world is truly your oyster.

Release Date: September 14  | Publisher: Ubisoft | PS5, PS4

Mortal Kombat 1

Sometimes you need a good old-fashioned timeline refresh to keep things in order. At least, that’s what the recently anointed Fire God Liu Kang decided. The latest in NetherRealm Studios’ storied fighting game saga brings both beloved and brand-new characters back to the tournament stage with a new timeline and plenty of new tricks. Along with the long-awaited return and revamp of the Air Kombat combo system, players will be able to utilize the new Kameo feature to call in fighters from different MK timelines to aid them in battle briefly. And, of course, you’ve got buttery-smooth online versus play and plenty of the elaborate fatalities that define the MK franchise.

Release Date: September 19 | Publisher: WB Games | PS5


Who says love can’t bloom on the battlefield? Studio Sai’s Eternights offers a unique fusion of romance simulation and adrenaline-pumping action. Faced with an encroaching disaster of apocalyptic proportions, some teenagers in Seoul are still trying to live as normally as possible inside an underground bunker, which means youthful hormones are in full swing. Use in-game apps to meet, talk to, and bond with potential partners, each with their own unique personalities, and remember that the dialogue choices you make have far-reaching repercussions. Use the power of the connections you’ve made to augment your combat abilities and conquer the mutated monsters lurking within the dangerous Wall.

Release Date: September 21 | Publisher: Studio Sai | PS5, PS4

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

The latest in the storied Assassin’s Creed saga puts us in the robes of Basim, a young thief eking out a living on the streets of 9th-century Baghdad. But Basim has potential, and he soon comes under the tutelage of master assassin Roshan and becomes a Hidden One, learning the art of careful killing. Revamped character animations and the widest range of movement yet seen in an Assassin’s Creed game make sprinting across rooftops and prowling the city streets feel more fluid and engaging than ever before. Utilize your arsenal of tools, your feathered companion Enkidu, and the new Assassination Focus skill to tactfully take down multiple targets in a row while remaining undetected.

Release Date: October 12 | Publisher: Ubisoft | PS5, PS4