Black Desert: Land of the Morning Light Is the Game’s Biggest Update Yet – And A New Starting Point


  • Explore a brand new continent inspired by Korea’s Joseon dynasty and real-world locations
  • Venture through fresh, non-linear quest lines and experience a brand new story based on Korean folklore
  • Unlock unique gear and items, and use it to take down powerful new enemies

Launch day has finally arrived! We’re relieved, anxious, and excited for Black Desert Console players to experience the biggest expansion to the game since our console launch four years ago. The substantial new expansion Land of the Morning Light, which graced PC back in June, is available today for Xbox players.

Complete with console-specific, quality-of-life updates such as streamlined areas and new rewards, Land of the Morning Light brings new game direction, gameplay styles, combat, and storylines to players eager to try something new.

We’re proud to share we have made the expansion available to all players, whether you’re a beginner or a long-time player. The new continent is easily accessible from the beginning of the game, and all of the boss flights adjust to player abilities, too.  

Travel to the Land of the Morning Light

Known for its vast regions, open-world options, and avid community, Black Desert Console now has a distinct new continent for Adventurers to visit. The huge new area, inspired by Korea’s Joseon dynasty, is filled with breathtaking landscapes, intricately designed architecture, challenging bosses, and more. Players will experience a narrative tale inspired by Korean traditional folklore through new non-linear quest lines across 80 cutscenes, 40 vignettes, and 6,000 fully-dubbed lines.

Korean Folklore Comes to Life
Adventurers will experience a narrative built around a mysterious plague that’s troubling the small port village. An immersive storyline unfolds like chapters in a novel, uncovering Korean tales and fables rooted in real life. When players complete each chapter, they can revisit the storyline in the form of a ‘Storybook’, a recollection of major plots and events they have experienced during their playthroughs.

Characters from Korea’s most popular folktales are brought to life through this expansion, ranging from Sangoon, the furious tiger-like Mountain God, to Gumiho, the beautiful nine-tailed fox, to the virgin ghost, and more.

Enter the Boss Blitz Challenge

Land of the Morning Light distinguishes itself from the repetitive grinding of familiar monster zones by inviting players to complete eight unique campaigns, each one ending in inventive, tactically unique boss fights. Players of all skill levels can challenge each in customized difficulty levels. Veteran players will enjoy the new “Boss Blitz” mode, which enables them to return to each boss on a new difficulty level (or Calamity Level), and to enter into a weekly ranking system based on character class.

Experience New Player Hub “Dalbeol”

Our team researched and modeled several historic real-world sites and re-created them in-game to bring realism and authenticity into the expansion. Dalbeol is a bustling village filled with a variety of interactive NPCs, from cooks to hotel owners, musicians to fishermen. And everyone has a story to tell!

Visit Authentic Korean Locations

Pearl Abyss’s development team visited and studied 15 real-world locations and collaborated with 11 local Korean government agencies to re-create historical landmarks in-game. For instance, Nampo Gate is similar to Sangdang Sanseong Fortress and Shimnidae Forest is inspired by Juknokwon (Bamboo Forest).

New Gear, Housing, and Travel

Ambitious new players and veterans alike can look forward to a wide range of quality-of-life improvements ranging from powerful new gear to specialty items designed to enhance every aspect of gameplay. Highly desired items include “Dahn’s Gloves,” the “Belt of Taebaek”, special loot called the “Jewel of Illusion”, and the powerful “Deboreka Earring” among other coveted items.

Adventurers will experience unique new housing structures created for both larger indoor and outdoor social gatherings. This includes “Shimhyangje,” a spacious manor featuring generously sized rooms equipped with decorations and new traditional furniture, and spacious outdoor patios. In fact, 126 new furniture pieces were added to Land of the Morning Light, making social gatherings with friends more customizable and fun!

Players who revel in sea-faring adventures will certainly enjoy the pleasure of crossing the sea on the newly revamped “Panokseon”. While the large boat appears primarily designed for combat, its true charm lies in the flexibility of its performance, as it is able to hold quite a large crew.

We Welcome You Into the Light

In all, the Land of the Morning Light expansion is unlike any update Xbox players have ever seen. We know it’s been a while since Xbox Adventurers have been able to sink their teeth into something genuinely substantial, and we’re thrilled to be able to give you this huge new world to conquer.

For brand new players, Land of the Morning Light is available with the purchase of Black Desert  starting at $14.99, a 50% discount off the retail price . Also, Black Desert is part of Xbox Game Pass, so if you subscribe, it’s free! For already existing players, Land of the Morning Light is free!

We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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