Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III – How to Get Started in the New Zombies Mode

This player-versus-environment (PvE) mode features a massive open-world to explore alongside your online squad, as you complete unique story-based missions, challenges, and more. New for this version of Zombies will have you facing off against enemies both living and undead – the living armies will be in the form of Terminus Outcomes, a private military company hired by Zakhaev. The undead are… well… undead. And they will be a major obstacle at nearly every turn leading all the way up to your climatic extraction to safety.

Your task, aside from having to survive hordes of zombies and Zakhaev’s goons, is to explore this massive open world and complete Contracts to earn Essence, collect Acquisitions, and clear Missions to discover what is really happening in the EZ.

Ready Up

When you’re ready to jump into Modern Warfare Zombies, you first must recruit an Operator for your online Strike Team. Note: Any Operators you’ve unlocked from Modern Warfare II and Modern Warfare III are available to use, while the two newest Operators, Ripper and Scorch, can be unlocked after completing specific objectives within the Zombies mode.

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