Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Redfall, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and More

We have a fresh batch of games, including many coming your way on day one with Game Pass! Sharpen your stakes, get your coffee, and prep your favorite lo-fi beats while you pre-install your next favorite game.

Available Today

Minecraft Legends (Cloud, Console, and PC)
Available on day one with Game Pass: The piglins are threatening to consume the Overworld. Are you the hero this gentle land needs? Explore lush biomes to make alliances with new friends and familiar mobs, then face the piglins in epic battles. But be warned – they always fight back.

Coming Soon

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 20
Available on day one with Game Pass: It’s time to return as everyone’s favorite late-night coffee shop barista, ready to lend a sympathetic ear and create the perfect beverage for a host of fantastic customers. Turn on the chilled lo-fi beats, listen to their tales and influence their hearts with a warm drink or two.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Medieval Dynasty (Xbox One) – April 20
Available now on PC and Xbox Series X|S and coming soon to Xbox One! Take on the role of a young man who has fled from war and wants to take his fate into his own hands. From being alone, inexperienced, and poor, you will develop into a master of many skills, a leader of your community, and the founder of a prosperous dynasty which is meant to last and prosper for generations to come.

Homestead Arcana (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) – April 21
Available on day one with Game Pass: Become a farming Witch and pioneer the range that has been mysteriously corrupted with Miasma. Discover the secret behind its appearance, grow plants to power up your spells, and use nature’s magic to heal the land.

Homestead Arcana

Cassette Beasts (PC) – April 26
Available on day one with PC Game Pass: Bring your cassette player and get ready to press play! Collect awesome monsters to use during turn-based battles as you adventure into the open-world RPG, Cassette Beasts. Get ready to experience an incredible retro vibe with unique innovations to the genre.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 27
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle lets you create your own cross-over dream team with the beloved characters from a total of 8 titles! Fight with your favorite characters from the popular titles BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, RWBY, and more. Get ready for a dream tag battle crossing series lines!

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition

The Last Case of Benedict Fox (Console and PC) – April 27
Available on day one with Game Pass: Take on the last case of Benedict Fox and dive into a twisted world of secret organizations, forbidden rituals, and cold-blooded murders. Explore the memories of deceased victims as you search for clues and fight demons in this fantastical Lovecraftian Metroidvania.

Redfall (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) – May 2
Available on day one with Game Pass: The town of Redfall is under siege by a legion of vampires who have cut the island off from the outside world. Trapped with a handful of survivors, slay alone or squad up in open-world FPS action.


DLC / Game Updates

Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC – Available now
Tides of the Foscari is the second DLC expansion for Vampire Survivors, introducing another huge stage as well as a slate of new characters, monsters and weapons to play with. And of course, secrets may be lurking in the shadowed canopies of the deep forest…

Microsoft Flight Simulator – World Update XIII: Oceania and Antarctica – April 25
Experience the vast islands of Oceania and the magnificence of Antarctica in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s upcoming free World Update. This update brings simmers 15 new countries and 24 non-sovereign territories, all with improved resolution that will allow pilots to experience stunning new vistas throughout these regions. The sky is calling!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Slayer Bundle – Available now
Customize your character with the Ancient Dragon Hunter Arms Pack and receive an excellent pet in the Ancient Dragon Hunter Wolf Pet. This Perk content requires ESO base game to use.

MLB The Show 23: 10 The Show Packs – Available now
Kickstart your MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty with 10 The Show Packs. Once acquired, items should be redeemed upon booting the game. Information on items redeemed should be listed in your Profile mail inbox.

Far Cry 5: Heart of Darkness DLC – Available now
Navigate a deadly jungle and wreak havoc behind enemy lines in war-torn Vietnam. This Perk content requires Far Cry 5 to use. All available now at 60 FPS on Xbox Series X|S for Far Cry 5’s 5th anniversary.

Leaving April 30

It might be a good time to reprioritize your playlist to jump back into the following games before they leave. As always, you’ll be able to save up to 20% off your purchase to keep these in your library.

  • Bugsnax (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Destroy All Humans! (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Tetris Effect Connected (Console and PC)
  • Unsouled (Cloud, Console, and PC)

As always, stay tuned here or @XboxGamePassPC and @XboxGamePass on Twitter for updates of games coming soon and when you can play your favorites! Cheers!

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