Deceive Inc. is a groovy game of deception and subterfuge – coming March 21

Welcome to Deceive Inc. – the multiplayer PvP game of social deception and subterfuge. The teams at Sweet Bandits and Tripwire Presents have been hard at work polishing this game for release. We’re all incredibly excited for the coming weeks, and now it’s time to share that excitement with you!

About Deceive Inc.  

Deceive Inc. is a multiplayer hero shooter with an emphasis on social stealth and deception where 12 players (either solo or in teams of 3) are tasked with becoming the Agents and successfully extracting with an objective.

Every Agent spawns undercover, cloaked as one of the many NPCs populating the map. Armed with their unique weapons and abilities – plus a couple of hi-tech spy gadgets for good measure – they must use their knowledge of spycraft to suss out other players, avoid detection, gather intel, purchase upgrades, and ultimately locate then extract the precious cargo.