How We Made Football Manager 2024 Console Into the Perfect Xbox Experience

Available on both Xbox and Xbox Game Pass, Football Manager 2024 Console puts you in a position to experience the closest thing to being a real football manager.

After you’ve created your own unique manager profile and backstory, dive into a living, breathing football world and choose the club of your dreams from more than 50 of the world’s elite footballing nations.

Some aspects of football management demand more of your attention than others and for that reason, FM24 Console streamlines your responsibility and focuses you on the managerial essentials. You’ll make all the same decisions a real boss would, from team selections to match-winning tactics and headline-grabbing transfers, but you’ll be able to skip the media’s attention to focus on your preparation for those important top-of-the-table clashes.

Navigate Your Way to the Top

Throughout the game, whether you’re tweaking your training or completing a new signing, optimisations to the entire game interface mean that navigation is a breeze with the Xbox controller. You can use the controller buttons, or you can enable a mouse cursor if you prefer a more traditional way to move around.

For instance, you’ll see radial menus on Matchdays that make the avenues through which you can influence the matchday action far more obvious. For those of you on Xbox Series X|S, matchdays will feel all the more special in native 4K, while you’ll be able to make the most of gaming’s biggest football database with the ability to load 10 nations in every career.

Tailored for Xbox

If you’re in a hurry to get to the top, one option that FM24 Console brings to the table that you can’t get in the desktop classic is ‘Instant Result’. That allows you to skip straight to the final whistle and speed through the seasons.

FM24 Console also brings you three multiplayer modes from the very first time you launch the game. Versus (available via FMFC on PC) allows you to secure those all-important bragging rights in one-on-one contests, while in Fantasy Draft you’ll create dream squads of the biggest stars in football and face off against one another. Finally, if you want to show who has got what it takes over the course of a season, select your favorite club and take on the world – and each other – in an Online Career game.

Something else that sets FM24 Console apart at the top of the console gaming league is Challenge Mode. A reflection of the real-life variety of situations that managers have to work with, Challenge Mode parachutes you into any one of six ready-made scenarios that’ll put your managerial skills to the test. Whether you’re helping a team overcome an injury crisis or trying to complete an unbeaten season, these Challenges are perfect for pick-up-and-play sessions and are brilliant inspiration for your next long-term career.

New for this Year

FM24 Console is packed with new additions that ramp up the immersion in every career and elevate your gameplay experience.

Defining the sort of boss you want to be is central to every manager’s job. In FM24 Console, a brand-new Dynamics system gives you a better understanding of your players’ personalities and how they respond to your decision-making and managerial approach.

A raft of enhancements to Training in FM24 Console, meanwhile, gives you more control over the development of your first-team stars and top academy prospects.

One Training area you’ll want to focus will be Set Pieces, as a refreshed Set Piece Creator delivers you more ways to make an impact at both ends of the pitch. With the support of your backroom team, you’ll outsmart your rivals with winning routines in every scenario.

Those Set Pieces will come to life on Matchday, where improvements to player animation locomotion, ball physics and lighting, as well as a new Inverted Full-Back player role, deliver the most authentic and immersive match experience in our series yet.

Elsewhere, the addition of two new game modes – Real World and Your World – gives you more variety and options when starting a new career. However you choose to play, you’ll be better empowered to influence the development of your club with a redefined system for making requests to your board.

We can also confirm that for those of you that played FM23 Console, you’ll be able to bring your career forward into FM24 Console and continue your quest for glory with this year’s new additions and gameplay upgrades.

There’s no single path to success in FM24 Console. Your style, squad and skills will evolve as you create a lasting legacy and win football’s biggest prizes. Now the game is out and you’re fully up to speed, the key question is where your adventure begins…

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Assemble a title-winning team and inspire them to dominate football’s biggest competitions in FM24 Console. When it’s time to take on the opposition, tactical tools and support from your backroom team will help to sharpen your team’s performances at both ends of the pitch. Make every advantage count when you’re battling the best teams and managers – have you got what it takes to win football’s top prizes? Game Description • Write your story. Chase instant glory at one of the world’s best clubs or use new functionality to bring forward your journey from FM23 Console – the choice is yours. • Develop a successful strategy. The tactical styles popularised by the world’s leading managers are at your fingertips, allowing you to battle with the elite from day one. To really set yourself apart, add a unique twist to create your own winning philosophy.
• Build your dream squad. Lean on the skills of your scouts and the biggest player database in gaming to sign football’s biggest names and the superstars of the future. • Relish big Matchday moments. Make match-winning tweaks as you experience the thrills and spills of life in the technical area. • Battle for bragging rights. Prove that you’re the best boss against your friends in one of three online modes – Versus, Fantasy Draft and Online Career. NEW FOR THIS SEASON SHAPE A TITLE-WINNING CULTURE Stamp your own management style this season, defining the sort of boss you want to be with new Manager Principles. Experience the true immersion of a dressing room with a better understanding of your players’ personalities and how they’ve responded to your approach. LEVEL UP YOUR PROSPECTS Improve the performances of your players with enhanced Training. Redesigned menus and the ability to train your players in position groups with Units deliver greater control, while the addition of Youth Pathways makes it easier than ever for you to develop the next generation. DOMINATE SET-PIECES Make an impact at both ends of the pitch with an overhauled Set Piece Creator. Utilise the expertise of the brand-new Set Piece Coaches to develop winning routines in every scenario. DEVELOP YOUR CLUB Impact the future of your club with an overhauled board feedback system. Whether it’s a new stadium or a bigger transfer budget, make your voice heard when you request upgrades from your owners. Many more features, including improvements to opposition recruitment, international call-ups when managing your country and general game accessibility, are waiting for you to discover in every career. Full information is available on the Football Manager website.

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