How Zoo Tycoon Became a Fully-Licensed Xbox Board Game

“The big advantage a video game has is that a lot of automation is happening in the background,” says Dür. “With board games, randomness must be actively incorporated with the help of dice, card drawing and other mechanics. Thus, I would say in Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game, the players will be managing more things by themselves instead of the computer.”

Board game adaptations of video games are no surprise at this point, but where many  of the notable examples focus on recreating combat, this is a very different proposition. Treecer’s pitch to Xbox Game Studios executive producer Robert Jerauld was enough to convince him that this unusual idea was the right direction:

“Following a brief discussion and assessment, it became evident that Treecer was the perfect partner for this endeavor,” he explains. “The concept of a simulation game, particularly Zoo Tycoon, seamlessly aligns with the format of a board game. The fundamental aspects of Zoo Tycoon—the construction of exhibits, animal care, and attracting visitors—all harmonize well within a board game’s framework.”

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