Immersive PS VR2 action-shooter, Synapse, launches on July 4

In a previous PS Blog article, I talked about Synapse’s dual-wielding action that combines brutal firepower and expressive one-to-one telekinesis. Today, I’m delighted to share the first details of the game’s story and reveal our A-list cast of voice talent.

Before I get into that, I’m proud to unveil our latest gameplay trailer that offers a tantalizing glimpse of the high-stakes mission that awaits you.

Be the enemy within

Synapse takes place on the eve of a devastating global attack, masterminded by the nefarious Colonel Peter Conrad. Once a respected black ops leader, the Colonel has since gone rogue and become a notorious enemy of the state whose twisted thinking has reached dangerous new levels as he re-emerges onto the world stage threatening Armageddon.

That’s where you come in. You play as a highly trained operative, uniquely equipped to extract the information needed to stop the attack. After activating a scanner connected to the Colonel – you’re transported into the neuro-synaptic relay, a gateway within the Colonel’s mind.

You have no option but to break further into the Colonel’s twisted mindscape, battling against his increasingly deadly defenses as you bid to find the vital intel on how to prevent the launch of his biological weapon.

However, you’re not completely alone on this perilous mission. Your Handler, Clara Sorensen – a Director of the ultra-secretive Bureau V will be your only connection to the outside world, guiding you through each layer of Colonel Conrad’s warped subconscious.

Meet the cast

We always had a clear idea of the two actors that we wanted to portray the Colonel and the Handler, and we’re thrilled that both have agreed to lend their voices to the characters. So, let’s introduce you to a couple of familiar faces…

David Hayter as Colonel Peter Conrad

The legendary David Hayter (Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid) is the voice of Colonel Peter Conrad. We worked with David on one of our previous games and he was not only a fantastic voice actor but a wonderful collaborative partner. We felt that Colonel Conrad had the potential to join the legendary cast of characters that David has portrayed. Luckily for us, David agreed and he’s just as excited to bring the Colonel to life:

“I love diving into the role of a powerful antagonist, particularly one with a compelling back story, because those roles are the biggest blast to play. So, when nDreams approached me about playing the Colonel, I saw a deeply complex character and an opportunity to create a truly unique, gaming experience. And going toe to toe with Jennifer Hale is every voice actor’s dream. I cannot wait to face you in the battlefield of the Colonel’s mind on July 4.”

– David Hayter

Jennifer Hale as Handler Clara Sorensen

As David alluded to, the incredible Jennifer Hale will be your guiding voice through the Colonel’s mind. Jennifer has voiced so many iconic characters including Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid, alongside David, as well as Commander Shepherd in the Mass Effect series and Rivet in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Jennifer is looking forward to teaming up with players to take down the Colonel:

“A couple of things drew me to Synapse. The first was that the game looks amazing – the team at nDreams have done a fantastic job, the writing is excellent, and the visuals are AMAZING, plus the team is really great to work with. 

The second thing that called to me was the opportunity to help defeat David, which I will always say yes to ????. I’ll see you when you report for duty on July 4, Agent.”

– Jennifer Hale

We’ll have more news to come in the build-up to Synapse’s launch but in the meantime, be sure to mark your calendars for July 4.

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