Indie highlights coming to PS4 & PS5 in January 2023

Happy 2023, players! 2022 was an amazing year for gaming, and this year’s already poised to be another one for the history books. So how about making a new year’s resolution to expand your gaming horizons? Trying out games from unfamiliar genres or titles made by up-and-coming developers can be a wonderful experience. January’s indie highlights are a great place to start. From terrifying twin-stick shooter nightmare worlds to the emotional drama of a fading existence to the primal satisfaction of the car wash, these games will take you to some very interesting places.

Children of Silentown

Small towns are known for fostering strong communities, where the absence of a single person can be felt by everyone. But in this hamlet in the middle of the woods, there are a lot of disappearances. There are also a lot of night sounds hereーthe sort of monstrous roars that would shake your soul from your body. Lucy’s lived here all her life, and she’s convinced that she’s old enough to get to the bottom of why townsfolk are vanishing. Her tender young mind is about to experience a very rude awakening. Children of Silentown, developed by Elf Games and Luna2 Studio, is a loving homage to point-and-click adventure classics of yesteryear with a rural horror theme. Experience charming yet creepy painted visuals and fantastic sound design as you wrack your brain to solve some absolutely fiendish puzzles. And whatever you do, don’t step foot in the woods.

Release Date: January 11  | Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment | PS4