Story of Seasons : A Wonderful Life Is a Remake that Builds on the Magic of the Original

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce that Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is available today for Xbox Series X|S. This reimagined version of a beloved classic brings all of the heart and charm of the original to a new generation, as the definitive experience of one of the most cherished entries in the long-running farming series.

With over 25 years of history, Story of Seasons is the pioneer of its genre. So, if you’ve yet to get into the series or have scratched your head at why so many of your friends sink a lot of hours into farming sims, here’s some of the reasons that could be:

  1. There’s something deeply relaxing and satisfying about planting seeds, watering crops, and harvesting the fruits of your labour.
  2. They practically require you to cuddle cows, snuggle sheep, or clutch chickens that are blessed with impossible roundness.
  3. They’re also about living. You become part of an impossibly wholesome community of charming eccentrics, match with “wooable” townsfolk and live a life that is, frankly, delightful.
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Story of Seasons has all of these characteristics in bucketloads. But in all those years, one entry always held a special place in the hearts of fans, and that is A Wonderful Life.

Originally released almost 20 years ago, this beloved classic mixed it up by taking the “living” element a step further, with the town changing and your character aging as the years passed. Most important was your family, who not only grew old at your side but were also influenced by your actions. Today we’ve brought A Wonderful Life back with changes that better reflect the modern families of our time, so now you get to weave your own generation-spanning tale of friendship, family, and farming.

In Forgotten Valley, the first year is the time to find your feet; feel the joys of your first harvest, bond with your animals, train your puppy and get to know the townsfolk who live alongside you – one of whom will become your partner for life.

There are eight eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in town and regardless of how your character identifies, you can marry and start a family right after your first year! As your family expands, you even get to have a say in whether you would like to raise a son or a daughter, raising them from birth and, as years pass, bonding with them, shaping their interests, and ultimately waving them off to their new life as a fully-formed adult.

The first thing you’ll notice is that your baby is both incredibly cute and clearly related to your partner! Not just in looks, but as you get to know your child, you’ll discover there are similarities in their interests, too.

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Even in these early years, your baby is learning from you. Take time to bond with them, playing on the beach or exploring the farm together. The people you meet and interact with will all leave a lasting legacy. If Daryl, the scientist, is an important figure in your life, your child will pick up on his scholarly ways. If you fancy raising a child with a talent for music or an artistic edge, make sure that Lumina or Cody are playing a part in their life. Even your actions on the farm, whether you are focusing on animals, or the machines that help make milk and cheese, will impact how your child sees the world.

As your child grows older, you’ll forge new memories by taking part in newly added activities and events together. These will help you build a stronger bond than ever with your family. Keep an eye out for the mementoes your child collects as you make lasting, precious memories together, and watch as their own friendships and romances blossom.

And after the chapters of your life are written, when the years have passed, your child will be old enough to choose a life and a career for themselves. They might start their new life as a farmer or they might find their calling somewhere else entirely. As you guide your child on the path to finding a future that’s right for them, only time will tell where their heart lies.

We’ve brought A Wonderful Life back with new visuals, new characters to romance, new animals, crops, events, and all sorts of quality-of-life improvements for you to enjoy. But most importantly, we’ve done everything possible to keep, and even build, on the game’s heart and that comes from the magic of the family who share in this journey alongside you. So, whether this is your first Story of Seasons adventure or you’re returning to Forgotten Valley, a wonderful life awaits you!

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STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life

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Put down roots on your new farm in the peaceful town of Forgotten Valley. Forge precious memories as you weave your own generation-spanning tale of friendship, family, and farming. Bring life to the land by cultivating crops and raising animals, find love among the town’s friendly folk, and make lasting memories with a family of your very own in this reimagining of a beloved farming classic. Establish your homestead
Live a carefree life on the farm growing an abundance of crops and nurturing the land to improve your yield. Raise cute animals that reward your affection with handy produce that is perfect for recipes, as gifts or sold for a profit at your very own market stall. Discover new animals, create hybrid crops, and build upgradeable facilities to help you on your way to a dream life in Forgotten Valley. Befriend the residents of Forgotten Valley
Find new friends among the charming cast of characters in the tranquil town of Forgotten Valley, and get to know them through all-new events! In this close-knit community, there’s an abundance of memorable personalities, from the mischievous Nature Sprites to the nutty scientist Daryl, that make Forgotten Valley… unforgettable! Tell your story your way
Play as male, female, or non-binary, and customise your look as you start your new story in Forgotten Valley. Regardless of how you choose to play, all of the eight eligible bachelors and bachelorettes have romantic potential, so you can truly be who you want to be and fall in love with your heart’s desire. Fall in love, start a family, and build precious memories
Once you’ve found your one true love, it’s time to settle down and start a family. Watch your child grow into adulthood as the years pass! Will they inherit the farm? Or will they find their calling somewhere else? Help your family thrive across the decades in Forgotten Valley, guiding your child on the path to finding a future that’s right for them. A Wonderful Life for a new generation!
Revisit a beloved story as never before, with updated visuals, additional marriage candidates, new animals, seasonal events, and a wide array of gameplay improvements. This reimagined version of A Wonderful Life brings all of the heart and charm of the original to a new generation as the definitive experience of one of the most cherished entries in the long-running farming series.

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