Tactical RPG Miasma Chronicles launches on PS5 May 23

Hey everyone, James here, Brand Community Manager at 505 Games and I’m here to announce that our upcoming game Miasma Chronicles will be coming to PlayStation 5, on May 23  – yes, that soon!  

For those of you who know little about Miasma Chronicles, let me set the scene… Miasma Chronicles is an intensive tactical RPG, from The Bearded Ladies. We join Elvis and Diggs, two brothers on a journey of discovery through the heart of a New-America which has been ruined by a devastating force known only as the ‘Miasma’.  

What is Miasma Chronicles? 

Miasma Chronicles is set in the near future, shortly after an environmental renaissance which is set to fix the worsening ecological problems. Companies were quick to capitalize on these issues and being environmentally friendly was just seen as ‘good business’. 

Luckily, one man implemented a solution, and the result was a time of balance between humanity and nature – A Great Stability. Since then, the world has changed, and a new threat has emerged, a force of nature now dominates, known simply as the Miasma.  

Over the years, people learned to co-exist with the Miasma, but now it grows angry, causing death and destruction. Can it be destroyed? Can it be tamed?  

The First Family now rule this post-apocalyptic New-America. They rule via exploitation and fear. The citizens of small towns and cities mine resources to help fund their ‘mission’ to rid the world of the Miasma – and fill their pockets.    

Ok, what about gameplay? 

Miasma Chronicles has been designed as an homage to PS1 RPGs of old (Xenogears, Final Fantasy etc). It’s the type of games we love to play –and love to make.  

It’s predominantly a tactical game that will test your skills and patience, but you will also explore a variety of environments from small towns, sprawling forests and giant industrial cities – meeting weird and wonderful characters along the way as you play through the deep narrative.

The story focuses on two unlikely brothers, Elvis and Diggs. Their mother simply up and left when Elvis was young, leaving a broken heart, a metal glove and a message to find her. Obsessed with finding her, the brothers will travel across America meetings new friends – and foes with their own intentions – along the way. Revelations must be earned.