Take Your Hunt to the Next Level in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Out Today


  • Available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows. 
  • Journey to a distant land with varied locales, meet a colorful cast of characters, and leverage new hunting abilities as you battle challenging new monsters.
  • A huge suite of content including three previously released Free Title Updates available on day one, with more being added in late summer.

A new threat is on the horizon and the Kingdom calls for aid. The massive expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak takes the gameplay of the base game to the next level with new hunting actions, locales, challenges, and fearsome monsters. If you haven’t yet joined the hunt, give the base game a try with Monster Hunter Rise on Game Pass today! If you’re ready to step up to Master Rank in the massive expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available at a discounted price for Game Pass subscribers.

But what exactly do you get with this expansion? The answer: hours upon hours of additional content to the already huge base game. Let’s break down what you’re getting.  

A New Story in a Far-off Land

After saving Kamura village from the Calamity in Monster Hunter Rise, you cross paths with Fiorayne, a knight of the royal Kingdom (as well as Rondine’s sister). Together, you’ll sail to her homeland of the Kingdom – a land threatened by the emergence of monsters that have become unusually violent.

Set foot in your new base of operations in Elgado Outpost and meet a colorful cast of characters that will help you on your quest. Together you will face down against powerful monsters and unravel the mystery threatening the Kingdom.

A Kingdom Full of Monsters

At the forefront of Sunbreak’s new monsters are the dangerous Three Lords: the hulking Garangolm, the chilling wolf-like Lunagaron, and the game’s flagship monster, Malzeno. The sinister Elder Dragon Malzeno is at the heart of the monsters’ mysterious behavior in Sunbreak. You’ll come face-to-face with this regal and bloodthirsty threat as you hunt your way through the dangers that await.

Sunbreak also adds several returning monsters from past titles in the series, including the spikey thorned flying wyvern Espinas, the electrically charged Astalos, and the aggressive and frenzied fan favorite, Gore Magala.

With the addition of new subspecies and variant monsters, the overall roster of monsters in Master Rank is vast and varied. Oh, and monsters that are already in the base game will return in Master Rank with new moves as well, so even if you’ve got some fights down already, you’ll have to contend with plenty of surprises.

New Locations For Battle

You’ll hunt these monsters across two new locales. The Citadel is a large new locale centered around a majestic old castle. It’s a varied environment, ranging from forest-covered areas, icy mountains, and old ruins lit by pink and purple moonlight. The Jungle is a returning locale from previous Monster Hunter games that should be familiar to series veterans. It’s rich with relaxing waterside areas and scenic greenery, but don’t let its peaceful vibes fool you.

An Expanded Hunting Experience

If the monsters have more tricks up their sleeve in Master Rank, it only makes sense that you get some of your own as well! Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak builds on the abilities from the base game to add even more to your toolkit.

Each of the 14 weapon types all receive new Silkbind Moves, allowing you to further customize your playstyle. The Dual Blades for example, have a new Silkbind Move called Spiral Slash, which sends you flying forward into the monsters like a drill. Or how about the Switch Axe, which receives the Elemental Burst Counter Silkbind Move, letting you charge up and release a powerful burst counter if you release it right when a monster attacks.

With so many options for moves, you’ll now be able to change your Switch Skill sets on the fly, with the Switch Skill Swap. Carry both into a hunt and switch back and forth to suit the situation. When switching sets, you’ll do a swap evade in any direction, allowing you to maintain strong positioning against the monster. 

There’s plenty more to discover in Sunbreak, including new types of endemic life that will come in handy in a tight spot. Give the Marionette Spider a try, which latches onto a monster and lets you pull them into a wall or into another monster! You’ll find them on both new and existing locales from the base game. 

Hunt with your New Friends!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak lets you head out into the field for a hunt with your friends from both Kamura and Elgado. In the single-player only Follower Collab Quests, you’ll be able to hunt with allies from Elgado like Fiorayne and Luchika, as well as friends from Kamura like Hinoa, Minoto, and more.

Each of the Followers have their own weapons and attacks that they’re most proficient at using, and you can help pick their loadouts to match your hunting style. Keep progressing through the Follower Quests to recruit each character for Support Surveys. Eventually, you’ll be able to take them on nearly every quest in the game.

Even More Hunting Goodness!

The massive expansion will launch with all content up to Free Title Update 3. This includes a wealth of new game mechanics, a new locale, several Event Quests, and additional monsters. Take on the elusive Lucent Nargacuga in the added Forlorn Arena locale, challenge the powerful and unpredictable Chaotic Gore Magala, or progress through the endgame Anomaly Investigations to further strengthen your gear.

Also included are some of the toughest challenges in the game: Risen Elder Dragons. Take on Risen Chameleos, Risen Kushala Daora, and Risen Teostra if you’re looking to test your hunting prowess. Good luck!

This doesn’t mark the end of updates, however. More updates to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be added later this summer which feature even more challenging monsters and endgame additions.

If you’re looking to get into everything outlined above as soon as you can, we’ve added the free Black Belt S armor set and high rank Defender weapon tree via a free update. This support equipment will help you blaze through the story of Monster Hunter Rise and get to Master Rank even faster.  

For everyone stepping up to Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, welcome to the Kingdom and happy hunting!

For the latest information on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, keep an eye on the official Monster Hunter Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak Deluxe


Early purchase bonuses “Loyal Dog Costume” Palamute layered armor set “Striped Cat Costume” Palico layered armor set Note: Bonus content is available to customers who purchase by June 30, 2023. This content may be made available separately at a later date. Layered armor is a “skin” which changes the appearance of the character without affecting their stats and abilities. Experience Monster Hunter Rise and its massive expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in one convenient set! Contents:
– Monster Hunter Rise (full game)
– Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (expansion)
– Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Kit
  - “Kamurai” Hunter layered armor set
  - “Shuriken Collar” Palamute layered armor piece
  - “Fish Collar” Palico layered armor piece
  - 4 gestures (jumping)
  - Samurai Pose Set
  - Kabuki face paint
  - “Izuchi Tail” hairstyle
– Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Deluxe Kit
  -“Dragonsbane” hunter layered armor set
  - “Hound” Palamute layered armor set
  - “Devout” Palico layered armor set
  - 4 gestures (aiming)
  - Fight Pose Set
  - “Elegant Eyes” makeup
  - “Fluffy Curls” hairstyle Experience the thrill of the hunt!
A new style of hunting, with dynamic three-dimensonal action. Explore new maps and take on fearsome new monsters using a new, dynamic style of hunting action where you can traverse more freely than ever before.
The ultimate hunting thrill awaits you in Monster Hunter Rise and its expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. – About Monster Hunter Rise
Hunt a variety of never-before-seen monsters and enjoy new gameplay features like the Wirebug and new Palamute buddy. – About Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (expansion)
The world of Monster Hunter Rise gets bigger and deeper with this massive expansion where brand-new monsters and locales await. Note: Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are both available separately. Please take care to avoid duplicate purchases.

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