Unveiling the Origins of Bunny Battle Nemesis: A Journey into the DCF Universe


  • Uncover the captivating origins of Bunny Battle Nemesis and the birth of the interconnected DCF Universe.
  • Explore the transformation of Bunny Battle from child-friendly to edgy action game that intertwines seamlessly into the DCF Universe.
  • A world of exhilarating fun and boundless creativity. Demo available today.

The time has come to release the demo version of our highly anticipated game to the world—Bunny Battle Nemesis, a beat ’em up title that delivers intense action. But the story of this development goes back to the very origins of our studio, and I’d like to take you on a journey to discover how it all began. This game was crafted alongside an incredibly talented group of teammates. But in this article, I want to take you back to the seed, which was planted a decade ago.

It’s a deeply personal journey that culminates in Bunny Battle Nemesis and the expansive DCF Universe. As a young child, around nine or ten years old, I found joy in creating games without even realizing I was using a game engine. However, as I grew older, my passion for game development was set aside.

But fate had a different plan for me. Years later, I stumbled upon the possibility of developing an indie game, right from the comfort of my home PC. In that transformative moment, a switch flipped, and I embarked on a new path as a game developer, driven by a singular goal: to create a console game.

Now, I had to start somewhere. With that in mind, I decided to create a game for my niece named Yasmin. It was a practice project before diving into a commercial game. Yasmin, the main character, was a princess using a magic wand to fight hordes of bunnies in an unknown forest. The idea of bunnies as NPCs was, in fact, hers. As you reached the end of each stage, a countdown message would appear in the HUD: “Bunny Battle…Fight!” And that’s how Bunny Battle got its name.

BBN screenshot

At that time, DCF Studios and the DCF Universe didn’t exist yet, but we’ll get to that. Creating the game was exhilarating, and I felt ready for an official project. So, I transformed the child-friendly concept into something edgier—an intense action game. Bunny Battle Arena became the first game from DCF Studios, exploring themes and characters without limitations.

BBN DCF screenshot

Afterward, I began the second project that propelled DCF into the consoles: a fighting game called Cruz Brothers. With the expanding team, we embarked on developing our iconic game, Tony and Clyde, which eventually made its debut. It was during this period that the conceptual DCF Universe was born—a shared universe that serves as the foundation for all our games. We created a comprehensive Content Guide, outlining the rules of the existing Universe, including its gods and the diverse beings that inhabit its many realms. The DCF Universe, or DCFU, is the culmination of a study that drew inspiration from various sources, ranging from Sumerian mythology to parapsychic studies, blending them together with references from movies, games, and pop culture.

BBN DCF key art

Now, after eight years into this journey, Bunny Battle Arena had become a distant memory. However, the desire to bring it to consoles always lingered in the back of my mind and that of my associate, Glauco Belini. We believed that its intense gameplay and enjoyable experience would resonate with players just as it did with us. Unfortunately, porting it to consoles was not feasible due to limitations with the game engine. Moreover, the project had diverged from the DCF Universe. In order to seamlessly integrate it into our shared universe, we needed to start from scratch.

BBN alt key artr

And so, we did! We embarked on an extensive expansion, weaving a rich lore that seamlessly intertwined with our other titles, while maintaining a strong emphasis on exhilarating fun and dynamic battles. Yasmin’s role transformed from a princess to a special ops soldier. Joining her were three characters: Valentina, Amanda, and Khalilah. Inspired by a famous group of green ninjas you may know, they formed a formidable team under the leadership of Hell Ella, the Goddess of Death from the DCF Universe. These warriors, known as “The Maidens,” were blessed beings, bestowed with the immense powers of the goddess. The bunnies became friendly allies, like General Björka in the demo, belonging to the Leporidae species in the DCF Universe.

And we didn’t stop there. We carefully crafted direct connections between our titles. For those who journeyed through the thrilling adventures of Tony and Clyde until the very end, a familiar face from this demo will grace the final cutscene, adding an exciting layer to both the title’s story and the DCFU lore. And, of course, there are numerous other Easter eggs scattered throughout, just waiting to be discovered by eagle-eyed players.

Our goal was to capture the same joy and boundless creativity that defined the early years of DCF Studios. And now, we are thrilled to invite you to experience exactly that in the free demo of Bunny Battle Nemesis, out today!

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Bunny Battle Nemesis Demo

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Sci-fi, bloodthirsty bunnies, and the powers of a goddess at your disposal! This is Bunny Battle Nemesis. Experience intense action, explosions, and chaos as you defend the Bunny Kingdom from certain doom at the hands of a vengeful demigod and her army of mercenaries and robots. Pick between the servants of Ella, a powerful goddess from the DCF Universe and lay waste to hundreds of enemies with might and magic!

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