The best sites to help a beginner better understand the mechanics of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an MMO RPG that has stood the test of time and has become a cult among players. A huge number of interesting mechanics, the legendary confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance, a large number of activities in addition to farming, quests and PVP, and most importantly, the regular release of updates.

The latest update for WoW came out at the end of November and brought the world of Azeroth a new island archipelago inhabited by dragons.

In order for beginners to better understand the game mechanics and master the main content and the released add-on, several sites and services can help them – we will talk about them today.

Useful websites and resources related to World of Warcraft:

  • Skycoach
  • Wowhead
  • WowFandom


Skycoach is a service that provides various gaming related services for gamers who need help from professional players.

  • Gold. Gold is the key currency in the world of Azeroth and there is never enough of it – you need to constantly upgrade your equipment, buy weapons and consumable potions, invest in professions and strengthen your class. The Skycoach service can provide gold from the World of Warcraft in any quantity, within the time period agreed with the service manager.
  • Boosting. A service in which you transfer your account to a professional Skycoach player in order to provide a character boosting service. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and uses VPN to protect against interference by the game administration.
  • Coaching. The most optimal game for beginners who see long-term prospects in their game on World of Warcraft servers. You pay for training to play on your character, where a professional Skycoach player tells you all the main mechanics, advises on leveling, selects the optimal bunch of professions for earning gold and teaches you how to select the right build from passive and active skills for maximum character efficiency in farming, in raids and PVP.


Wowhead is a huge database of guides that is updated regularly and adapts to the upcoming updates. All irrelevant information is deleted or corrected.

If you want to play as a magical character, but do not know which direction to choose, then comparing Wowhead guides will help you.

Fire Mage will be strong in PvE and will deal additional fire damage to all targets it hits.

The Ice Mage will deal more single target damage, but will also inflict a lot of nasty magical debuffs that will seriously ruin the life of any class in PVP.

Arcane mage will deal a lot of explosive damage to a single target due to auxiliary skills. By casting the main spell, you can enhance its effect by immediately continuing to cast the following skills and inflict huge damage on one target.

There are many guides on Wowhead related to professions – additional activities that will help you earn more gold, or equip your character yourself with better equipment.

If you have chosen a class of light armor – archer, hunter, master of beasts – then skinning and leatherworking will suit you. Complete production of light equipment, arrows and weapons for your character.

For magical classes, tailoring and inscription are suitable in order to be able to independently create magical armor and a staff for themselves, as the main weapon for the magician.

For tanks and warriors, mining and blacksmithing are suitable – they will make it possible to extract ore from rocks and smelt it into ingots to create heavy armor and steel weapons for all defensive and melee classes

WoW Fandom

WowFandom is a Wikipedia from the World of Warcraft world, which has been updated for the current Dragonflight update.

There will be no guides on the Fandom, but on the site you will always find decent descriptions of characters and NPCs, characteristics of the weapon or armor you need, and most importantly, you can read historical moments from the World of Warcraft taken from the game itself.

Fandom will help you in finding specific items and minerals for the development of the profession.

For example, in the Dragonflight update, in order to level mining above level 50, you will need to mine Dragonite Ore, which can be found on the Fandom and figure out which part of the dragon islands you can find it.

This also applies to NPCs.

If you have just arrived on the dragon island and have not yet managed to figure out where the main NPCs are located and what social actions are possible with them, then you can read about all non-player characters, their capabilities, and most importantly, find out their exact location in order to immediately go to them .

New Profession Progression Gear

Now each character who is engaged in a craft can have three types of tools in his inventory that will enhance the characteristics of professions.

On the Fandom you will find information about the items for each profession, the method of creation is often work for other craftsmen and the classification of items.

Blizzard did an interesting thing in the new update – they added an order table so that players not related to the profession could make items through the masters for a fee, but the right to make tools for each profession was transferred to other masters. So the blacksmith creates tools for the herbalist, the herbalist for the leatherworker, the leatherworker for the engineer and forager, and so on.

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