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Calling All Aces! Watch the Very First Towerborne Twitch Stream This Week

Calling all Aces to tune in to the very first Towerborne Twitch stream!

Join Stoic Studio Chief Executive Officer Trisha Stouffer, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Arnie Jorgensen, and Game Director Daniel McLaren as they kick off the broadcast with a casual conversation diving into the game design of Towerborne, the game’s unique and beautiful art direction, and anecdotes of personal experiences across many years of game development. The Stoic team will also talk about Towerborne’s community reception since the game’s announcement at last year’s Xbox Games Showcase, and the gameplay reveal at Gamescom 2023. The stream will be hosted by Community Strategist RAIBOT01, to dig into the origins of Towerborne and the development transition from the highly acclaimed Banner Saga trilogy.

Viewers will also have a chance to participate and ask questions via Twitch chat. Even better, there will be a unique giveaway during the broadcast!

Where: Towerborne Twitch channel

When: March 7th, 2024

Time: 4PM CST

Make sure you join the Towerborne Insider Program if you are interested in playing the game before it comes out later this year.  The Towerborne Insider Program gives randomly selected participants access to preview builds for the purpose of helping to shape the future of Towerborne. Be the Ace humanity needs – become a Towerborne Insider today!

[This article originally appeared on Xbox Wire]

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