Climb for Victory in Isonzo’s Ascent Game Mode, Available until April 24

Have you ever climbed a mountain? With WW1 technology… while under fire? That’s your mission in the special Ascent game mode for our WW1 Italian Front FPS game Isonzo, which is out now! This will be the first time players can join one of our extraordinary WW1 events on Xbox – an important part of our recent console enhancements, which also include the introduction of voice chat.

The time-limited Ascent event comes with climbing mechanics, rock throwing, and a whole new map recreating the Marmolada cliffside. Italian mountaineers must scale the mountain and evict the Austro-Hungarian defenders – a truly epic task.

The Ascent map is a section of vertical cliff, with an Austro-Hungarian command post at the top. A number of small ledges and caves provide checkpoints for the Italian Alpini on their way up, where forward spawn points can be constructed. Unfortunately, the Austro-Hungarian defenders begin the battle already occupying those positions, and will need to be evicted before the Italians can progress safely.

Climbing Technique in Ascent

Climbing in Ascent is freeform – just approach the cliffside and start climbing. If there isn’t too much of an overhang, you can choose your own path up the mountain. Moving sideways is slower than going up or down though, so plan your route carefully. Speed isn’t the only consideration though, because this isn’t a fun climb on a winter holiday. Your enemies will be shooting and throwing rocks at you, so it’s worth experimenting to discover the safest routes up, that avoid exposing you any more than necessary.

Isonzo climbing

Remember that Isonzo is a team game, and climbing is no exception. On your way up, you can place pitons into the rock. Place two pitons close enough to each other and they’ll be connected by a rope, which will speed up everyone who follows in your wake. It takes a few moments to hammer in the pitons though, so try to find somewhere at least a little sheltered to do it. At the end of the day climbing is a dangerous business and sometimes, you just have to trust to luck and take a chance. Fortune favors the brave!

Defender Challenges

It might seem like the defenders have an easier job, but there are still challenges from fighting in such extreme terrain. Shooting down at climbers will often leave you silhouetted against the sky and exposed to fire from Italian marksmen below you. Trying to maintain an overview of the situation when climbers can appear from almost anywhere isn’t a simple job. It’s also important to remember that only the command post objective matters for victory, every ledge and cave is only an intermediate point that makes it easier to get to the top. Fixate too much on holding your current position and the Alpini might climb right past you to conquer a forward spawn point further up the mountainside.

Luckily you have a secret weapon: the humble rock. Grab one from the rock piles scattered around and you can throw it down at enemies below you. There’s skill involved to be a master rock thrower, because rocks have simulated physics and will bounce off the mountainside on their way down – or off unfortunate climbers. You can control the angle and power of your throw to allow for gentle rolls off the cliff edge or more aggressive directed attacks. One of the big advantages of the rocks is that you don’t have to move right up to the edge to use them, keeping you safe from Italian gunfire.

Isonzo mountainside

Real Life Inspirations for Climbing Mechanics

Unlike the other maps in Isonzo which are based on specific battles, Ascent is intended to represent the many different climbs made during the First World War on the Italian Front. Some of these daring missions have been written about, and many more are lost to history. In the harsh Alpine environment climbing was dangerous even without an enemy shooting at you, and many soldiers were killed or wounded by accidents, avalanches, or other consequences of the cold, like frostbite.

One of the inspirations was a climb made by two Alpini called Ugo Vallepiana and Giuseppe Gaspard. These two veterans made many ascents during the war, including one attempting to move some heavy weaponry up to a ledge overlooking a well defended Austro-Hungarian position called the Castelletto. During this climb, Gaspard lost his footing and fell, only surviving because of the great fortune to land in a thick snowbank. The pair continued on, and came under fire from the Austro-Hungarian defenders, with Gaspard being shot in the arm. They were even shot at by artillery, with both shrapnel and blasted fragments of rock raining down on them.

Isonzo rock drop

Other Updates

The release also goes live alongside other improvements to the game, including voice chat! Additionally, for those who want more options for visual customization of their character, the Altitude Units Pack DLC is releasing alongside the free Ascent event and contains high-altitude uniforms for Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops. Where our previously released Glacial Units Pack focused on more improvised cold weather clothing, the Altitude Units Pack provides uniforms from well prepared soldiers geared up for the worst possible conditions.

That means plenty of scarves, gloves, balaclavas, and even full ski suits and hoods. We also included some non-uniform additions made by troops, including wicker wrapped footwear, which you can see in the screenshot below. Also featured are one of the fur collared coats and a pair of early sunglasses – more like goggles with slits cut in them to minimize glare from the sun or snow. If you want to stand out on the battlefield (in a good way), to celebrate the Ascent mode event we have big discounts on the Isonzo special editions that include cosmetic DLCs! Check out the new Ultimate Edition for every DLC in the game, including immediate access to the two future DLCs we have planned as soon as they release.

Isonzo cliff enemies

The Mountain Awaits…

The Ascent mode is playable for free right now until April 24th. Whether you’re making a daring ascent under fire, or throwing rocks down to defend your ledge, it’ll be an unforgettable battle. 

We’ll see you on the cliff face!

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AVANTI! TO ARMS! Isonzo is a realistic tactical multiplayer FPS crafted by BlackMill Games, known for their critically acclaimed authentic WW1 wargames such as Verdun and Tannenberg. Immerse yourself in faithful recreations of historical battles with intense 48-player matches, testing your tactical skills and mastery of Alpine warfare. World War One expands to the mountains of the Italian Front – beautiful but deadly in equal measure. Take part in key offensives of the Great War, from the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo to the Strafexpedition, and lead your team to victory among the scenic landscapes and peaks of Northern Italy. – Master high altitude combat by leading offensives, flanking enemies or taking a support role – Dive in intense 24v24 matches, testing your skills against players or AI – Customize your class loadout with 50+ iconic WW1 weapons, gear, special perks & cosmetics – Fight across The Italian Alps in dynamic battlefields, from city streets to vertical cliffs – Immerse yourself in the Great War with historically-accurate maps, weapons, uniforms & music Console Cross-Platform Play allows you to play with other console players (Gen 8 and Gen 9) for faster matchmaking and higher match population.

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